Quinn Gun Ban Defeated In Illinois House

Назад на ноември 29, Јас блогираа about the attempt by Illinois Governor Pat Quinn to enact a statewide gun ban through the use of an amendatory veto. The veto was defeated in the Illinois Senate by a vote of 49 да 4, but was headed to the Illinois House for an override vote. Добро, the House finally got around to voting on the measure yesterday. From the National Rifle Association Institute for Legislative Action website Tuesday:

Денес, Governor Patrick Quinn’s procedural maneuver to enact a gun ban (previously reported тука) was defeated by the Illinois House of Representatives as they convened for a veto session. In a 78–28 vote, an overwhelming majority of state Representatives overrode Governor Quinn’s amendatory veto to Senate Bill 681. Сега, Сенатот Бил 681 as it was initially written and originally passed by overwhelming majorities in the state Senate and House has been enacted and is in effect, protecting online FOID purchase of ammunition using delivery services which are federally authorized to ship ammunition. Thank you to all Illinois NRA members for contacting their state legislators and reminding Governor Quinn that your voices are stronger than his subversive tactics.

We have learned that due to his loss in the state House and Senate, Quinn will continue to shop around for a new semi-auto ban for future introduction in the Illinois General Assembly. Your NRA-ILA will continue to monitor any activity in Springfield and will keep you informed of developments as they occur. It is critical that NRA members across Illinois continue to remind their state legislators of their responsibility to defend the Second Amendment now and in the future.

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