The Survival Podcast’s Jack Spirko Predicts U.S. Boom, Then Bust Probably ‘10 Years Into The Future Or More’

The other podcast material I said I was going to talk about today comes from The Survival Podcast, hosted by modern survivalist Jack Spirko. Also selected as a “Resource Of The Week,” I wrote back in March 2011 about TSP:

I can’t remember how I first heard about the podcast- but I’m glad I did. Spirko publishes new episodes several times a week. And they’re chock-full of useful information for the novice through expert homesteader/prepper/survivalist- or someone who just wants to be more self-sufficient in their daily living.

But TSP doesn’t focus solely on preparedness/survival topics. Spirko tosses economics and finance in there as well. And listening to him for a few years now- he undoubtedly gets it. Big picture included.

And here’s what the host of The Survival Podcast had to say about the “big picture” back on May 9 in episode 1127, “Risk Assessments and Readiness Audits”:

I do believe our biggest threat is economic. I believe that this country is in store for an economic boom. Yeah, I said boom. If you’ve not been listening to me, I think we’re about to have one of the best periods ever in the history of the country from an economic standpoint. Sadly, it will be driven by both fake and real factors. Fake economic factors, real energy factors. But that can only go on so long. And sooner or later we are going to get to a point where inflation, the devaluation of money, the ridiculous level of debt and the interest there on it, do their full-scale, whole cancer-style damage, eat the patient from the inside, and we wake up to terminal financial illness as a nation.

But that’s not happening tomorrow. That’s not happening next year. That’s not even happening in the next 5 years. There could be recessions and things in the middle. But that day is probably at this point 10 years into the future or more.

And I don’t claim to be Nostradamus. I don’t know the exact timeline. I can just do math and can say with mathematical certainty this system at some point must fail.

“10 years into the future or more”

I think I just heard a collective sigh of relief from many readers.

Not so fast.

Regular readers of Survival And Prosperity know that I’ve been warning about a coming U.S. financial crash for almost 6 years (2007-2010 included). I’ve never thrown a “start” date out there because I’m well-aware the central bankers excel at “kicking the can down the road.” Look at the “Panic of 2008” and how that was “papered over”- for the time being. Spirko knows that our “financial reckoning day” can keep getting pushed back- a lot longer than many of his listeners might think is possible. And I think that was what he was trying to convey with that “10 years into the future or more” bit. I’m pretty sure he didn’t throw that out there to say “all’s well,” or that any new preparedness plan and program should incorporate a 10-year timeframe until the economy and larger financial system hits the proverbial brick wall.

Like I said before- Jack Spirko gets it. If he thinks the U.S. is heading for a boom, then a bust a decade or so out, then it’s a forecast worth considering.

In the meantime, he’d probably agree with me when I say it might be wise to take advantage of the “good times” to get squared-away for what’s in store for us down the road.

You can listen to the podcast of episode 1127 here via The Survival Podcast website.

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