Resource Of The Week: Free Digital Editions Of GUNS Magazine, American Handgunner, Shooting Industry, And American COP

Chances are, you’ve visited a pharmacy or grocery store which contained one or more titles from FMG Publications on their magazine rack. San Diego-based FMG publishes:

American Handgunner (6 times/year)
GUNS Magazine (12 times/year)
Shooting Industry (12 times/year)

As well as a number of special editions, including:

American Handgunner Annual
American Handgunner Personal Defense
American Handgunner Survive
American Handgunner Tactical
GUNS Magazine Annual
GUNS Magazine AR-15
GUNS Magazine Combat
GUNS Magazine Surplus

I’ve picked up issues of American Handgunner Survive in the past, and was really impressed with the content.

Now, did you know that FMG Publications uploads FREE digital editions of some magazine titles onto its website? From the FMG site:

FMG Publications are now available at no charge to anyone with access to an Internet connection. The new interactive digital editions of American COP, American Handgunner, GUNS Magazine and Shooting Industry uses the latest dynamic flash, flip-page technology to create a real-time, page-turning, online magazine viewing experience. Embedded links in featured products and advertisements allow visitors easy, single-click access to advertiser web sites.

(Editor’s note: Bold added for emphasis)

I understand American COP is no longer being published. Still, digital editions appear on the website up until July 2014. As I type this, the May/June 2015 digital edition of American Handgunner is out on the FMG site, as is the June digital issue of GUNS Magazine and April’s Shooting Industry.

Head on over to the FMG Publications website here to access each publication’s digital editions.

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4 Comments to Resource Of The Week: Free Digital Editions Of GUNS Magazine, American Handgunner, Shooting Industry, And American COP

  1. No thanks, I don’t want anything to do with the publisher of “American Pig Traitor ” mag.

  2. joe on April 26th, 2015
  3. Thanks for the comment joe.

    No thanks, I don’t want anything to do with the publisher of “American Pig Traitor ” mag.

    Okay. But just to add my two cents, having formerly worked in the public safety field for several years, it’s been my experience that not all cops are “pig traitors.” I found there to be more than a few dedicated public servants still among the lot.

  4. Editor on April 26th, 2015
  5. How come the “good” ones aren’t policing the bad ones out of the ranks then? Sorry, I worked with “public safety” people for years too. The “good” ones always turn their heads the other way. Makes them just as bad as the rest.

  6. Clem on April 26th, 2015
  7. Thanks for the comment Clem.

    How come the “good” ones aren’t policing the bad ones out of the ranks then?

    This “policing” still happens. I’m guessing it mostly doesn’t involve “beat” cop-on-“beat” cop though. The attitude being, “This goof is going to get what’s coming to him/her one day, so why get involved? That’s what supervisors on up are paid the ‘big’ money for.” An understandable way of thinking. Plus there’s internal affairs. At one of my former residences a couple years back a newly-minted police officer moved into the apartment above me. His evening “booty call” started stopping by pretty frequently soon thereafter. Late one night, all hell broke loose upstairs. At first I thought, “Damn those two have rough sex!” But then internal affairs started snooping around the building. I never spoke to them, but piecing everything together, I’m guessing he beat the crap out of his “girlfriend”- and she went to the police (his employer) about the episode. Watching him move his belongings out of his pad, and knowing all too well our landlord wouldn’t evict any tenants short of them committing murder, it’s pretty safe to say his colleagues told him buh-bye.

    I believe effective “policing” depends quite a bit on the “culture” of the agency. Is it professional enough that mechanisms are in place to get rid of the “bad eggs”?

    If not, and problem cops are allowed to fester, the potential liability for the employer and community could be huge. Just turn on the TV or fire up the computer these days if there’s any doubt.

  8. Editor on April 26th, 2015

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