Gear And Supplies

Below are gear, supplies, and other items the Editor, Christopher Hill, has acquired and/or blogged about as part of the “Project Prepper” series of posts or elsewhere on Survival And Prosperity, and which he believes might benefit readers:

The 6-gallon Reliance Desert Patrols- my original emergency water storage containers. Had two, one finally sprung a leak after a decade of service. I think I got my money’s worth. Blogged about here.

Bought 5-gallon Scepters by Moeller Marine Products to replace the Reliance Desert Patrol that leaked and to bolster my emergency water supply. Blogged about here.

Picked up 3.5-gallon WaterBrick stackable water containers to add to the emergency water supply. These will be put into play before the 5- or 6-gallon containers. Why? Easier for my girlfriend and me to lug around. Blogged about here.

The canvas Fox Outdoor Courier shoulder bag in olive drab was the predecessor to my new Everyday Carry bag. It served me well for six years. Blogged about here.

The Princeton Tec Fuel (Black) has been my go-to light in blackouts for a couple of years now. Blogged about here.

The Coleman Twin High Power LED Lantern is an exceptionally bright battery-powered lantern. 580 lumens are at the user’s disposal. My go-to lantern in blackouts. Blogged about here.

The O2COOL Dual-Power Portable Fan can run off AC or batteries. It puts out enough breeze to cool an individual or to circulate air in a smaller room. I bust this out in power outages/blackouts. Blogged about here.

Added the LifeStraw personal water filter to the new EDC bag in case I find myself needing drinking water but can’t easily find it. Blogged about here.

Bought the Midland WR-100 weather radio a couple of years back. Love it. Discontinued, with the WR-120 model being its replacement. Overall terrific reviews on Blogged about here.

Bought the Coleman Twin LED Lantern for my parents to be used as their primary emergency lighting in a blackout. Blogged about here.

Bought the Coleman 4D XPS Classic Personal Size Lantern for my parents in a blackout, which they can use away from the Coleman Twin LED lantern. Blogged about here.

Bought two O2COOL Dual Power Portable Fans for my parents should they lose electricity. I also purchased one of these models to make it two O2COOL fans in my possession. Different from the other O2COOL fan on this page in that this version has a folding base. Blogged about here.

My parents bought a Sony ICF-S10MK2 AM/FM Pocket Radio a couple of years ago. Very handy radio. Blogged about here.

I have this model of 3M N95 particulate respirator masks around the house for tasks and emergencies. Blogged about here.

I’ve purchased a few of these highly-regarded Mountain House Classic Buckets to jump-start my emergency food supply. Blogged about here.

I ordered two of these Rayovac Sportsman 240-Lumen LED Lanterns to add to my emergency lighting. Lots of light in a small package. Blogged about here.

I purchased the 20 different varieties of heirloom, non-GMO seeds contained in My Patriot Supply’s Survival Seed Vault for the food garden I started in 2015- and replanted in 2016. Blogged about here.

I purchased the Maglite 6-D Cell Incandescent Flashlight (model# S6D015) for use around the property. It’s built like a beast and affordable. Blogged about here.

Bought an accessory pack to go with the Maglite. It includes an anti-roll device, mounting brackets, and more lenses (clear, blue, and red).

Mace Pepper Foam is what I’ve selected to use around my home. Blogged about here.

Added a 5-gallon Reliance Products Aqua-Pak Rigid Water Container to my assortment of emergency water storage containers. Blogged about here.

Purchased a Rayovac “Virtually Indestructible” 3D LED Lantern (530 lumens) for additional emergency lighting. Really bright, tough, and affordable- which describes all the devices from the “Virtually Indestructible” line now in my possession. Blogged about here.

Purchased a Rayovac “Virtually Indestructible” 2D LED Flashlight (320 lumens) for additional emergency lighting and everyday tasks. This is generally the go-to flashlight that accompanies me should I need to go outside at night. Blogged about here.

Purchased a Rayovac “Virtually Indestructible” 3AAA LED Flashlight (250 lumens) for additional emergency lighting and everyday tasks. Very handy around the house. Blogged about here.

Purchased two Coast HL3 3AAA LED Headlamps (60 lumens) for additional emergency lighting and everyday tasks. Pretty handy, and I keep one in my EDC bag. Blogged about here.

Purchased a 6-pack of EBL 10,000mAh Ni-MH D-Cell Rechargeable Batteries to power a wall sconce/emergency light. Working pretty good so far. Blogged about here.

Last updated 12/3/16

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