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Illinois State Rifle Association Annual Range Open House On June 20

The Illinois State Rifle Association is holding their 13th Annual Range Open House this coming Saturday, June 20. From the ISRA website before the weekend:

NRA Day at the ISRA Range 13th Annual Range Open House – JUNE 20, 2015
Directions: 1589 N 7000 W Road
Time: 10:00-4:00
Bring your family and friends!
FREE Admission!
FREE Parking!

The ISRA range is located in Bonfield (near Kankakee), and according to the open house flyer:

All law-abiding citizens are invited… even those who do not own a gun or have never fired a gun before.

Also from the flyer:

Factory representatives from major manufacturers will be on hand to answer your questions about your favorite firearms. You can test-fire the guns of your choice and try your hand at archery, too. A small fee for ammunition will be required.

A BB gun and an air rifle range will be set up for our younger guests—a great opportunity to get the whole family involved, RAIN or SHINE! Food and soft drink vendors will be on site to make sure you don’t go hungry or thirsty.

We will also have information available on a wide variety of ISRA and NRA programs. We encourage you to stop by and pick up a pamphlet on your particular area of interest.

The ISRA Range has numerous amenities to offer NRA Day attendees, including:

• Free safety orientation
• Covered firing points
• An opportunity to shoot a wide variety of firearms under the direct supervision of instructors. Shooting disciplines will include:
• Covered picnic pavilion
• Indoor restrooms and showers

“Illinois State Rifle Association- NRA Day 2014”
YouTube Video

I also spotted this:

• Military encampments and reenactments for WWII, Vietnam and the French and Indian War.
• A variety of military vehicles and an MP guard booth will be on display.

Sounds like a fun time to spend a Saturday as summer kicks offs. For more information about the event, head on over to the ISRA website here where you can obtain the flyer (.pdf document) for the 2015 ISRA Range Open House.

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Resource Of The Week: Pyramyd Air’s Airgun Academy

Back on June 1, I talked about using air guns as firearm training tools. For those wanting to utilize air pistols and rifles as part of their training regimen, but don’t know where to start- enter Pyramyd Air’s Airgun Academy. Pyramyd Air, based out of Warrensville, Ohio, is “the largest airgun web site in the world,” according to their website. This vendor of all sorts and sizes of air guns established its “academy” to assist newbies. From the Airgun Academy home page:

Welcome to Airgun Academy

Discover a wealth of airgun resources that will help you become a better and more informed shooter. Whether you’re looking for advice to buy your first airgun or you’ve been shooting them for decades, we’ve got you covered! Get info about guns, gear, pellets, the latest shooting techniques, recent technology, collecting, airgun shows and lots more. Airgun Academy delivers what you need through instructional videos, podcasts and our famous airgun blog.

On the home page, “students” can select from three offerings:

• Instructional Airgun Videos
• Daily Airgun Blog
• Monthly Airgun Podcasts

“Introduction to breakbarrel air rifles – Airgun Academy – Episode 1”
YouTube Video

Pyramyd Air’s Airgun Academy is chock-full of information that should not only help the aspiring airgunner get up to speed, but benefit the experienced air gun aficionado as well. It’s a terrific resource.

You can access the Airgun Academy website here.

(Editor’s note: Link added to “Resources” page)


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