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Illinois Bullet Serial Number Legislation Going Before House Committee November 15?

Earlier today, an article with the headline “Gun-Controlled Chicago Approaches 4,000 Shooting Victims For 2016” caught my attention on In it, AWR Hawkins wrote:

The Democrats in Chicago and the state of Illinois are pushing to squash this mayhem with more gun laws and regulations. One Chicago leader is pressing for a “declaration of a state of emergency” for the city, and state Representative Sonya Harper (D-6th) wants to require serial numbers on every bullet and bullet casing.

Harper told Fox 32, “We just want to know how the guns and the bullets are getting into the hands of our youth and causing senseless harm and murder on our streets.” She did not address that attempts at ballistic fingerprinting have repeatedly failed to solve crime when implemented in other cities, nor did she mention that such regulations drive up the prices law-abiding citizens have to pay for ammunition

(Editor’s note: Bold added for emphasis)

Later, I learned about this proposed ammo serialization program in Illinois on the NRA’s Institute for Legislative Action website:

Tomorrow, the House Judiciary Committee is scheduled to hear House Bill 6615, legislation that seeks to create a serialization system of “handgun ammunition” in Illinois. While HB 6615 claims to only encompass handgun ammunition, the language would also go so far as to include most popular pistol, rifle and shotgun ammunition.

Sponsored by state Representative Sonya Harper, HB 6615 will cost millions of dollars to implement and maintain, and is easily circumvented by criminals who seek to commit their criminal acts without care of another law on the books. Even common household tools could be used to distort or deface the serial number and render it illegible.

Not only would it be ineffective at preventing crime, this anti-gun bill would create a de facto registry of gun owners in Illinois. Every serialized cartridge would need to be registered to the individual that purchased it. This legislation would also criminalize the millions of cartridges that are currently lawfully owned by Illinois gun owners for target shooting, hunting and personal protection. Those who reload their own ammunition would not be allowed to do so anymore because it would be impossible to match the serial numbers on used cartridge cases to new bullets…

(Editor’s note: Bold added for emphasis)

If readers haven’t figured it out by now, Illinois gun “control” supporters never rest.

The NRA-ILA offers opponents of HB 6615 a way to take action via their website here.

By Christopher E. Hill
Survival And Prosperity (


Hawkins, AWR. “Gun-Controlled Chicago Approaches 4,000 Shooting Victims For 2016.” 14 Nov. 2016. ( 14. Nov. 2016.


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California Legislation Prohibiting Black Air Guns, Airsoft Guns, Moves To Committee

Years ago, my father bought me an air gun. A BB rifle to be exact. Care to guess which one? It’s very popular, so much so that it’s appeared on the silver screen. If you guessed the Daisy Red Ryder BB gun, you’re correct. Apparently, he decided to pick one up for me for Christmas after seeing the movie A Christmas Story for the ten-thousandth time. While I appreciated that gift tremendously (even though I was in my mid-twenties when I got it!), there was a problem. You see, back then I lived in a suburb of Chicago where firing air guns was illegal.

As time went by, I’ve learned to appreciate air guns a heck of a lot more (although I still can’t own/possess/fire one in the Chicago city limits). One thing I’ve come to realize is that they just aren’t for kids. So much so that, with the price of ammunition steadily marching higher, a number of firearm owners are turning to air guns as training tools. J.I. Galan wrote in the August 2002 issue of Guns Magazine:

There are several important reasons for utilizing airguns as firearm training tools. Airguns are inexpensive to purchase and use, may be readily and safely used even in the home, and are exempt from most state and Federal firearms laws.

The matter of cost is, of course, the most obvious benefit to their use. Attaining (and maintaining) even basic shooting skills with firearms demands a great deal of regular practice. And ammunition — even rimfire ammo — isn’t exactly cheap. Just a few boxes of factory ammo for an afternoon’s shooting session can amount to a tidy sum.

Add to that the expense of driving to a suitable firing range — gasoline is not cheap these days, either — plus range fees and other incidental expenses, and the tab throws your budget into a deep dive real fast. The fact that most airguns can be used safely in or around the home, as well as in other places where firearms would be totally unacceptable to use due to safety concerns, is another key reason for their steadily growing use as training tools.

It’s amazing how realistic some of the air guns being produced these days are when compared to their cartridge-firing counterparts. In terms of weight, look, and feel (minus the recoil- but that’s to be expected), a number of air guns- particularly air pistols- are practically indistinguishable from the firearm being emulated.

Which is something one California politician wants changed.

Back on May 13th, I happened to catch an article submitted by air gun vendor Pyramid Air on the shooting sports news site

California Is Taking Away Your Black Airguns FOREVER

No more black airguns! If you enjoy shooting your Walther PPK/S or a Crosman C11, you better get used to them being ALL red or ALL blue or ALL green — or completely clear!

California State Senator Kevin de Leon thinks your black airguns are dangerous and has proposed CA Senate Bill 798 to stop you from having them. SB 798 states that all airguns MUST be painted brightly. No more black guns!

Some background

In December 2010, three boys were shooting their airsoft guns in a public park. It was dark, but their pistols had orange muzzles. The police confronted them and ordered them to put down their guns. Two boys complied but the third did not. He was shot and suffered severe injuries.

To prevent another such occurrence, Sen. de Leon had a knee-jerk reaction and wrote SB 798 to stop EVERYONE from buying, owning or shooting black airguns.

Apparently, the color change would apply to airsoft guns as well. From the piece:

It gets worse!

This new law also affects airsoft guns, which millions of people safely use for re-enactments, skirmishing and maintaining firearm proficiency.

If you hate orange muzzles on your airsoft guns, what are you going to do when the ONLY airsoft guns you can buy, carry or shoot are red, blue, green or completely clear?

California’s Penal Code prohibits the sale and distribution of imitation firearms. BB devices, which are listed as airsoft guns and BB guns, are specifically excluded from that law. HOWEVER, SB 798 adds airsoft guns and BB guns to the list of imitation firearms that are prohibited UNLESS those guns are brightly colored.

I didn’t think much more about this issue until this afternoon, when I happened to receive the following in my e-mail inbox. From Pyramid Air:

No more black airguns in CA… that could happen RIGHT NOW!

Things in California have gone from bad to worse!

SB798 has moved up to the Public Safety Committee.

They’re going to vote on it soon. Tell them to vote NO on SB798.

While some air gun and airsoft gun owners in California might be perfectly fine toting a brightly-colored gun, those against the legislation may want to consider the advice given in Pyramid Air’s piece, which said:

If California passes this bill, other states will get similar bills going. Whether you live in California or elsewhere, show your support for airsoft and airgun owners everywhere.

Click here to go to our Facebook page to download a letter that you can send to Senator de Leon and your own California representatives about SB 798.

Do it today — tomorrow may be too late!


Galan, J.I. “Practical, affordable firearms training with airguns: no time to drive to the range? The author says your regular practice need not suffer.” Guns Magazine. Aug. 2002. (;content). 2 June 2011.

“California Is Taking Away Your Black Airguns FOREVER.” 13 May 2011. ( 2 June 2011.


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