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Chicago 2015 Budsjett inkluderer skatt og avgift fotturer

Gee, who could’ve anticipated new fee and tax hikes look to be in store for Chicago next year?

From Fran Spielman over on the Chicago Sun-Times nettstedet morges:

[Chicago Mayor Rahm] Emanuel will campaign for re-election on a budget that raises $62.4 million through “targeted” tax hikes and closing “loopholes,” which amounts to the same thing.

People who live, work and play in Chicago will be paying more for everything from parking and vehicle leasing to cable television and stadium skyboxes…

(Redaktørens merknad: Fet skrift lagt på vekt)

These individuals have been doing that for a number of years now. Hal Dardick pointed out over on the Chicago Tribune nettstedet:

As the Chicago City Council prepares to approve his latest budget Wednesday, Mayor Rahm Emanuel repeatedly has reminded voters that he didn’t raise city property taxes during his first four years in office.

But that doesn’t mean homeowners haven’t had to pay. Under Emanuel, vehicle stickers cost more. Cable TV and phone taxes went up. And water and sewer fees increased significantly…

Taken together, Emanuel’s hikes mean the typical Chicago family will pay about $481 more to the city next year than it did in 2011. That’s the equivalent of a typical Chicago homeowner paying 60 percent more in city property taxes, which are nearly $800 a year for city and library services on a $250,000 home…

(Redaktørens merknad: Fet skrift lagt på vekt)

“Nearly $800 a year for city and library services on a $250,000 home”

In the Chicago neighborhood I recently moved out of, I’m not sure if any inhabitable houses at that price range with more than 2 bedrooms/1 bath even exists. So I’m guessing a number of my old neighbors- who already shoulder a significant tax burden for the city- will be somewhat pissed to hear of this “good news” coming out of City Hall.

Som blir sagt, it’s not exactly Chicago’s “financial reckoning day” we’re talking about here. But it’s probably not what Chicagoans want to deal with as the holiday season kicks-in.

As for the well-publicized pension crisis going on in the “Windy City,” Spielman added:

By December, 2015, the City Council must decide whether to raise property taxes — or find other new revenues — to fund a state-mandated, $550 million payment to shore up police and fire pension funds.

(Redaktørens merknad: Fet skrift lagt på vekt)

So a property tax hike might also be coming down the pipeline.

En ting. Regarding the ongoing manpower shortage in the Chicago Police Department? That doesn’t look like it’s going to be resolved in 2015. Fra den Sun-Times stykke:

nok en gang, the mayor’s budget includes only enough money to keep pace with retirements. It also includes roughly $70 million in police overtime, down from $100.3 million in 2013 and a projected $95 million this year…

(Redaktørens merknad: Fet skrift lagt på vekt)

Crime is down!” ja, whatever.

As always, I’m glad to see Fran Spielman and Hal Dardick are on top of their game.

What does all this mean for Chicago residents/workers/visitors?

It’s probably wise to budget a good deal more money for anything city-related next year. Even more so in 2016 considering what could be in store with the city’s public pension mess and what Cook County is telegraphing these days (blogged about Monday).

Av Christopher E. Hill
Overlevelse og velstand (

(OPPDATERING: The Chicago City Council approved Mayor Emanuel’s proposed 2015 city budget Wednesday by a vote of 46-4, og “puts off dealing with the city’s most vexing financial woes until after next year’s elections” Ifølge den Tribune Thursday morning)


Spielman, Fran. “Chicago City Council set to pass Emanuel’s $7.3 billion budget.” Chicago Sun-Times. 19 November. 2014. ( 19 November. 2014.

Dardick, Hal. “Higher Emanuel fees and taxes add up.” Chicago Tribune. 19 November. 2014. ( 19 November. 2014.

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Chicago Transit Authority tog passasjerer nå blir tilfeldig screenet For sprengstoff

Chicago Transit Authority train riders may spot something new at the stations in the coming weeks. From the ABC 7 (Chicago) nettstedet morges:

CTA passengers are now subject to random screening for explosives at train stations across the city.

There is no known threat to the CTA, but Chicago police said the precautionary measure is another layer of security. The screenings went into effect Monday morning.

The Multi-Mode Threat Detector is capable of finding trace amounts of explosive compounds, officials said. A team of CPD transit officers will work at one CTA station a day with the machines.

A random number of people will be selected each time. For eksempel, if that number were 10, every tenth person would be approached by an officer and the outside of his or her bag would be swabbed. That swab is then read by the Multi-Mode Threat Detector for the presence of any explosive residue…

“One CTA station a day with the machines.” “A random number of people will be selected each time.” Not exactly airtight security, but it’s a start when it comes to protecting passenger trains and their riders against potential terrorist attacks. And when I say “start,” I mean the bare minimum.

Which makes me wonder if it’s not all just for show- certain politicians and public safety types trying to give Chicagoland the impression they’re doing something to combat potential terrorism, when the reality may be that the measures taken might not be all that effective in stopping a determined bomber.

I hope I’m wrong. But checking around cyberspace, there’s no shortage of critics of the new security screenings. Bill Savage, a Northwestern University professor, wrote in an opinion piece on the Crain's Chicago Business website last week:

Maybe this plan will deter any terrorist who happens to pick the one station a day being staked out. That terrorist will, of course, be too nearsighted to notice the cops. That terrorist will be randomly selected. That terrorist will be too tongue-tied to refuse the swabbing and then walk the half-mile to the next station that isn’t hosting our crack one-station-at-a-time anti-terror team.

Security Theater will keep us all safe and sound, and everyone will live happily ever after.

Pass the popcorn. This is going to be an entertaining show.

If Chicago is going to perform random screenings for explosives on CTA trains going forward, my wish is that they have a plan in place to develop the program to be truly effective in thwarting a terrorist attack- while ensuring minimal intrusiveness to riders. Ellers, “Security Theater” might not be able to stop something like this:

Madrid Train Bombings
(Advarsel: Violent Images)
YouTube Video

God bless those people.

I mellomtiden, CTA train riders should know the random bomb screenings have now started to take place. It’s probably not a bad idea for commuters to factor in a couple of extra minutes for ride times in case they’re selected to be swabbed.

Av Christopher E. Hill
Overlevelse og velstand (


“CTA Adds Random Screenings For Explosive.” ABC 7. 3 November. 2014. ( 3 November. 2014.

Savage, Bill. “It’s not CTA security- it’s street theater.” Crain's Chicago Business. 27 Oktober. 2014. ( 3 November. 2014.

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Chicago Police Department arbeidskraft mangel verre enn portrettert

Something tells me the popular Chicago police blog Andre byen Cop is going to have a field day with the following. Hal Dardick and Jeremy Gorner reported on the Chicago Tribune website tonight:

The ranks of the Chicago Police Department are well below full strength, even as the rate of hiring has increased in recent years, according to testimony Thursday before the City Council.

The department has 587 vacancies, with plans to hire 200 more officers in coming months — before accounting for end-of-the year retirements, Superintendent Garry McCarthy said during council hearings on Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s 2015 budget proposal. The city is working to bring the department up to the full authorized strength of 12,533 officers, he said…

Om 200 of the vacant posts are among rank-and-file officers, which would reach full strength at 9,608. The rest of the vacancies are among the ranks of detectives and police brass…

(Redaktørens merknad: Fet skrift lagt på vekt)

“Full authorized strength of 12,533 officers”

I seem to recall “full authorized strength” for the Chicago Police Department meant 13,500 officers only a short while ago.

JEG blogged on October 26, 2012:

The Chicago FOP has argued for the past couple years that the Chicago Police Department should return to its previously budgeted strength of 13,500 officers.

Nylig, Mayor Rahm Emanuel presented his 2013 budget to the Chicago City Council. Under “Investing to Enhance Public Safety,” the Mayor called for, “Funding for CPD to hire officers to remain at full strength at all times.”

JEG blogged tilbake i oktober 12:

The Chicago Police Department to finally be at “full strength?”

That I’ve got to see.

Why do I suspect the goal posts are going to be moved here?

I was thinking of that 13,500 number when I wrote that.

Apparently, Mayor Emanuel and Superintendent McCarthy were thinking more along the lines of a thousand cops less. Dardick and Gorner added:

Before year’s end, the city plans to hire 263 more officers, city officials said. And the mayor’s proposed 2013 budget calls for hiring an additional 500 officers — four quarterly classes of 125. The goal is to keep the total number of officers at about 12,500.

(Redaktørens merknad: Fet skrift lagt på vekt)


Goal posts moved?

Goal posts moved.

And the CPD currently has 11,946 officers, while full-strength amounted to 13,500 just a few years back.

But seeing that “crime is down” in Chicago. Wink wink. Nudge nudge.

Av Christopher E. Hill
Overlevelse og velstand (


Dardick, Hal and Gorner, Jeremy. “Chicago Police Department not at full strength, top cop says.” Chicago Tribune. 30 Oktober. 2014. ( 30 Oktober. 2014

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Chicago forbereder For potensielle 9/11 Jubileum terrorisme?

jeg er tilbake. Og akkurat i tide for 13-årsjubileet for terrorangrepene September 11, 2001.

Mens jeg har kommet over alt (ennå?) private om alle spesifikke terrorist trusler knyttet til i morgen, Jeg ser New York City er ramping opp "etterretningsinnsamling og synlighet"

Bra for dem. Jeg har kommet til å tro NYC (spesielt, En World Trade Center aka Freedom Tower) og Washington, DC, er primære mål for de muslimske ekstremistene.

Jeg ville ikke bli overrasket om Chicago er et mål. når alt kommer til alt, Al-Qaida har angivelig nevnt byen som en. JEG blogged tilbake i mai 6, 2011:

Etter å ha mottatt dagens marsjordre på sin plass for sysselsetting, en rekke Chicagoans er settling ned på sine pulter denne morgenen og lesing på den Chicago Tribune nettsted:

Noen av de første informasjonen gleaned fra Osama bin Ladens sammensatte angir al-Qaida vurdert angripe USA. tog på kommende årsdagen for Sept. 11 angrep. Men counterterrorism tjenestemenn sier de tror planlegging aldri fikk utover startfasen og har nylig intelligens peker til en aktiv tomten for slikt angrep.

Fra februar 2010, terror organisasjonen vurderer planer om å angripe USA. på 10-årsjubileet for den 9/11 angrep. CNN melder at al-Qaida var særlig interessert i slående Washington, New York, Los Angeles og Chicago.

Høres ut som Chicago Al-Qaidas type byen, høyre?

(Redaktørens merknad: Fet skrift lagt på vekt)

Jeg har hørt en Al-Qaida-ekspert eller to si gruppen er stor på "feirer" jubileer. Sammen med det påstått islamske staten Twitter innlegget med et bilde av gamle republikken bygningen på 307 North Michigan Avenue i Chicagos, man skulle tro byen Chicago, som New York City, ville ta forholdsregler rundt 9/11/14.

Hvis de er, store lokale medier rapportere ikke det fra hva jeg kan si. Jeg besøkte en rekke MSM nyheter nettsteder for kort tid siden og se ikke noe. Ingen pressemeldinger fra byen Chicago eller Office of Emergency Management og kommunikasjon enten.

Nå, Det er ikke for å si "Chicago" ikke forbereder et potensielle terrorangrep. Jeg vil tro den byen Chicago og Chicago Police Department tar en side ut av New York Police Department's playbook når det gjelder 9/11 merkedager. Collen lang av Associated Press rapporterte i går:

New York Police kommissær William Bratton sa departementet er forberedt.

"Vi vil, som alltid, rampe opp etterretningsinnsamling og synlighet,"Bratton sa. Det betyr at tusenvis av offiserer i spesialiserte team, bombe-sniffing hundene hvem finner ikke bare lukten av en bombe, men damp av et bevegelig mål, undercover offiserer og team av politiet benytter radioaktivt detection enheter og andre høyteknologiske verktøy.

Etterretningsoffiserer verden vil være rapportering i regelmessig og overvåking verden rundt. Hvis noe skjer i Gaza, Det er umiddelbart følte i New York på grunn av store jødiske og palestinske befolkningsgrupper.

"Ting ricochet virkelig rask her,"sa etterretningssjef Thomas Galati…

For mye håpe for å vurdere den gjeldende tilstand i CPD?

Jeg forstår en ny Gallup er ut viser amerikanerne fortsatt ikke er bekymret for terrorisme disse dager til tross for den nylige framveksten av islamske staten og det ser ut til å være en konkurranse mellom det og Al-Qaida se som kan lande et stort slag mot det amerikanske hjemlandet først.

Jeg flau for å tenke slike likegyldighet løper overhånd blant Chicagoans og ledere for.

Av Christopher E. Hill
Overlevelse og velstand (


Lang, Collen. "NYPD sier terrortrussel mer komplekse enn noensinne: "Det er lag på lag på lag" "Associated Press. 9 September. 2014. ( news/2014/sep/9/nypd-terror-threat-more-complex-than-ever/?utm_source = RSS_Feed&utm_medium = RSS). 10 September. 2014.

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Tanker om skjult bære tillatelse og deres forhold til "Fallende" Chicago kriminalitet

"Jeg forventer ikke å se disse tallene blir spioneringen av Chicagos ordfører eller nasjonale medier, men de skal. Windy City er et av områdene av nasjonens mest plaget av vold og deres innsats for å gjøre hele metropolen en pistol frisone har bare bidratt ytterligere vold av de som ikke skulle betale oppmerksomhet til lover i første omgang."

-Jazz Shaw, konservative blogg Varm luft, August 25, 2014

En rekke alternative medier diskuterer en antatt sammenheng mellom skjult bære tillatelse utstedes i staten Illinois og "fallende" kriminalitet i Chicago. Kelly Riddell rapportert på nettsiden til Washington Times Denne siste helgen:

Siden Illinois startet gi skjult tillater bære dette året, antall ran som har ført til arrestasjoner i Chicago har avslått 20 prosent fra i fjor, Ifølge politiet avdeling statistikk. Rapporter for innbrudd og bil tyveri er nede 20 prosent og 26 prosent, henholdsvis. I første kvartal, byens drap hastigheten var på en 56-års lav.

«Det er noen tilfeldighet forbrytelse priser begynte å gå nedover når skjult bære var tillatt. Bare tanken at kriminelle vet hvem er bevæpnet og som ikke har en avskrekking effekt,"sier Richard Pearson, administrerende direktør i Illinois State Rifle Association. "Politiet ikke endret en enkelt taktikk-de har ikke annonsert en endring i politikken eller selvfølgelig- og ennå du har disse utrolige tall."

Pr. juli 29 staten hadde 83,183 programmer for skjult bære og hadde utstedt 68,549 lisenser… En juli studie av kriminalitet forebygging forskning Center fant at 11.1 millioner amerikanere har tillatelser til å bære skjult våpen, en 147 prosent økning fra 4.5 millioner syv år siden. I mellomtiden, drap og andre voldelig kriminalitet har falt av 22 prosent.

Tilsynelatende korrelasjonen mellom flere fallende voldelig kriminalitet og skjult bære tillater er både lokalt og nasjonalt interessant. Men, ved Chicago, Jeg tror det er mer på jobb her enn bare Chicagoans nå går rundt i byen bevæpnet med Illinois skjult bære lisenser og håndvåpen.

"Bedre" politiarbeid, som Chicago Police Department Superintendent Garry McCarthy er angivelig møte med?

Hva endret?

Jeg mistenker de "faller" kriminalitet kan også tilskrives forbrytelser som ran og innbrudd bare ikke rapporteres som de en gang var.. JEG blogged på Halloween i fjor:

Angi folk på innsiktsfulle Chicago police blog Andre byen Cop, og noe de skrev tidligere denne måneden. SCC blogged oktober 16:

Oppfatning er en del av nøkkelen til folk "følelsen sikker." Den andre delen er faktisk å være trygge, å ha en synlig patrulje tilstedeværelse, blir sett gjør arrestasjoner, utfører trafikk stopper, og samhandler med publikum. Som ikke skjer i de fleste "safe" nabolag fordi arbeidskraft er blitt avkledt (eller pensjonert uten erstatning) fra disse områdene.

Legg i en massiv omklassifisering av kriminalitet, økt responstid for å motvirke rapportering av kriminalitet, gjør det 3-1-1 (Alternative svar) et mareritt å navigere gjennom og du har alle makings av forråde tillit med samfunnet når ser uptick i forbrytelser med egne øyne og de ikke lenger tror tallene.

Før jeg forlot byen i mai, Jeg selv vitne CPD arbeidskraft blir strippet fra min politidistrikt (16th), hørt historier om denne "massiv reklassifisering kriminalitet"- "nedgradere og omklassifisere"- fra Chicago polititjenestemenn, og lese om/personlig erfaring "mareritt" i samspill med Chicago Police Department (prosessuelle, ikke personell).

(Redaktørens merknad: Fet skrift lagt på vekt)

Gjøre rapportering kriminalitet en stor smerte i baken for beboere, og rapportert forbrytelser som ran og innbrudd raser nedover. Enkelt som.

Som blir sagt, Jeg ville ikke bli overrasket om en ekte sammenheng gjorde eksistere mellom flere Illinois CCLs ute i byen og mindre ran og innbrudd. Jeg tror ikke det er ansvarlig for fall i kriminalitet.

Av Christopher E. Hill
Overlevelse og velstand (


Riddell, Kelly. "Chicago kriminalitet dråper som skjult bære programmer bølge." Washington Times. 24 August. 2014. ( news/2014/aug/24/chicago-crime-rate-drops-as-concealed-carry-gun-pe/). 26 August. 2014.

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Dette er hva en god gammeldags Chicago Riot ser ut som

Den 1968 Chicago West Side Riots were a little before my time (I was born a couple of years later on the West Side), but I remember hearing stories about the unrest growing up not too far from where they took place.

Here’s a little taste of what went down, courtesy of “ChicagoFD1” on

“Chicago Fire Dept. – Chicago Westside Riots 1968”
YouTube Video

Av Christopher E. Hill
Overlevelse og velstand (

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Chicagoans' personlige sikkerhet kompromittert av "Roman" politiet i Ferguson, Missouri?

Noen andre fulgt hendelsene finner sted i Ferguson, Missouri, de siste par dagene? Jeg har ikke vært etter rasistisk-ladet protester og plyndring så mye jeg ville ha likt å. Men, Her er en observasjon jeg har gjort at mange bør gjøre det bra for å gjenkjenne i USA av 2014:

Du og du alene er ansvarlig for din egen sikkerhet.

Fredag, Jeg hørte det nevnt i en av de direktesendte TV-sendingene fra svorne byen at politiet var med hensikt blir holdt stykke fra demonstrantene med ideen er som hvis polititjenestemenn ikke var fysisk tilstede, de ville ikke egge vold, og torsdagens relativ rolig ville fortsette.

Dessverre, ting ikke går som planlagt som looters flyttet i å dra nytte av denne situasjonen (du trenger ikke si?). Fra FOX News nettside lørdag:

Looters i Ferguson, Mo., ble møtt med liten politiet motstand fredag kveld og lager eiere si de var tvunget til å beskytte sine virksomheter med egne våpen, rapportert…

En reporter fra stasjonen tweeted at politibiler ble sett kjørte forbi noen av butikkene blir plyndret og svarte ikke. Det regnet i Ferguson fredag kveld og protesters kunne ses utenfor til 6 am.

To store eiere, står utenfor virksomheten holde våpen, fortalte at når de kalte 911, de ble sendt fra en politiet byrået til en annen, og fikk ingen respons.

En av eierne, med en stor svart pistol på skulderen, fortalte stasjonen at politiet ble stilt opp kvartaler fra plyndring, og ikke engasjere seg looters inngåelse av med store bokser fra disse butikker.

“Det er ingen politiet,” Han sa. “Vi klarert politiet for å holde den fredelige; de gjorde ikke jobben.”

Tidligere St. Louis County politisjef Tim Fitch tweeted: “Du se ikke “Politiet tilbakeholdenhet” Overnatting. Du så politiet motvillige til å handle. Vi kan ikke holde steining voktere ved porten.”

"Vi kan ikke holde steining voktere gate."

Denne aktiviteten- som President Barack Obama og andre har blitt belastet med foretak under Ferguson ildprøven- har ikke tapt på minst noen i Chicago Police Department. Fra populære Chicago politiet blogg Andre byen Cop i går:

Du vet hva vi høre, høyt og tydelig?

• Ikke får ut av bilen. Noensinne. Indianapolis Metro Police Department bli forbannet, Hvis du får ut av bilen, media kjører halvsannheter, samfunnet vil løpsk, messing vil snu ryggen og politikere vil kjøre buss over du, igjen og igjen og igjen i en konstant sløyfe.

I urbane sentre, politiarbeid er gjort og loven i jungelen råder. Beskytte deg selv og din jobb. Vi trodde vi måtte som.

"I urbane sentre, politiarbeid er gjort og loven i jungelen råder.

Kan ikke si jeg klandre dem for å føle på denne måten.

Følgelig, Chicagoans bedre innse dette er hvordan ting kan stå kommer frem angående sin personlige sikkerhet.

Av Christopher E. Hill
Overlevelse og velstand (


"" Det er ingen politiet": Ferguson butikkeiere vakt bedrifter; sitere mangel på politiet svar." FOX News. 16 August. 2014. ( us/2014/08/16/there-are-no-police-ferguson-store-owners-guard-businesses-with-own-guns-lack/). 17 August. 2014.

"Gjette hva meldingen vi høre." Andre byen Cop. 16 August. 2014. ( 17 August. 2014.

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Wilding Strikes Chicago’s Uptown Neighborhood

I had a group of about 20-30 swarm my car as I slowed to avoid hitting these kids. They started hitting and kicking my car and one of them opened my car door from the outside while another was grabbing at meI also saw them assault other drivers, kicking and hitting their cars as they tried, and in some cases succeeded, in opening car doors.”

-NBC 5 (Chicago) nettsted, regarding Monday’s wilding in Uptown

i går kveld, I was watching the WGN 9 (Chicago) evening news with my girlfriend when another wilding/flash mob/mob attack incident was talked about- this time north of downtown Chicago in the Uptown neighborhood. According to the WGN website:

A large group of teenagers caused chaos and damage in the Uptown neighborhood Monday night

The teens ran and trampled on top of cars around Leland Ave and Beacon Street. Cars were dented, scratched and windshields were broken.

WGN 9 Video

NBC 5 reported there were “20-30 teens.” I heard from a different news outlet that the feral youth numbered as high as 100.

My girlfriend said the Chicago Police Department had a strong presence downtown this past weekend. I can’t help but wonder if this latest wilding incident might be signaling a new trend, where such criminal activity moves to nearby neighborhoods and streets because of more CPD police officers around the tourist hot spots. Time will tell.

Av Christopher E. Hill
Overlevelse og velstand (


“Massive ‘Wilding’ Incident Disrupts Uptown Traffic.” NBC 5. 12 August. 2014. ( 13 August. 2014.

“Video captures vandals damages slew of cars in Uptown.” WGN 9. 12 August. 2014. ( 13 August. 2014.

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Chicago Police Department arbeidskraft mangel fortsetter

It’s nice and quiet around the house this Sunday morning. Hvorfor er det? My girlfriend is downtown this weekend, hitting the scene with friends from her college days.

So with Chicago’s violent crime making headlines worldwide these days, am I worried about her safety?

Egentlig ikke. Først av, she’s “street smart,” having grown up in the city and lived there prior to meeting me and after we started dating years until we moved to the suburbs in 2013. Second, to quote that 1952 film classic The Quiet Man:

Oh, that red head of hers is no lie.

She’ll beat on you if it comes to that

Girls Soccer

Third, as I responded to a comment on the blog recently:

The city of Chicago is still generally safe. A healthy dose of “street smarts” and situational awareness goes a long way though when living there on a daily basis (i.e., don’t stare at gangbangers, like one of my vehicle’s passengers was doing while I was driving on a local expressway some years back)…

The majority of the shootings/murders are still confined to the “seedier” areas of Chicago. But criminal activity seems like it’s picking up in a lot of other neighborhoods- including the “safe” ones- though “official” crime stats don’t support this. JEG, for one, stopped trusting the government numbers a long time ago.

Fortsatt, I’d feel better knowing there were more police officers around. The manpower shortage in the Chicago Police Department is well-documented (hat tips Andre byen Cop and the Chicago Reader), and regular readers of Overlevelse og velstand know it’s something I’ve been blogging about for a couple of years now. faktisk, Mick Dumke wrote the following over on the Reader website just yesterday:

As a mayoral candidate, Emanuel promised to add as many as 1,000 police officers to the ranks. Once he had the job and was in charge of the budget, he switched to saying that he was moving more cops to the street. Then, after shuffling hundreds of officers around, he announced that he’d successfully added more than 1,000 “to the beat.

What Emanuel hasn’t mentioned is that the number of police officers on Chicago’s force has dropped since he’s been mayor. In June 2011, shortly after he was sworn in, there were about 10,900 officers on the city payroll, records show. Now there are about 10,600.

That’s potentially 100 fewer cops working around the city at any given time

(Redaktørens merknad: Fet skrift lagt på vekt)

I’m pretty confident my girlfriend and her buddies will be safe. Fortsatt, the CPD manpower shortage really needs to be addressed- in addition to other crime prevention/reduction initiatives- for the sake of residents, commuters, and visitors.

Ellers, Chicagoans will just have to get used to their city being called the “Murder Capital” of the United States. And Rahm Emanuel, “Mayor Murder.”

Av Christopher E. Hill
Overlevelse og velstand (


Dumke, Mick. “Beneath the doublespeak, do we need more police in Chicago or not?” Chicago Reader. 9 August. 2014. ( 10 August. 2014.

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Illinois State Troopers til Chicago-politiet patruljerer fire byen nabolag

From a State of Illinois press release yesterday:

Governor Quinn Announces State Police to Assist Chicago Police Department
Forty State Police Troopers Will Join CPD Officers Following Mayor Emanuel’s Request for Assistance

CHICAGO – Governor Pat Quinn today directed the Illinois State Police to deploy 40 state troopers to join Chicago Police officers in patrolling four city neighborhoods. The action follows the city’s request for assistance and is part of Governor Quinn’s agenda to ensure the safety of all people in every community across Illinois.

“The state of Illinois will do whatever is necessary to protect public safety – in Chicago and every community across Illinois,"Guvernøren Quinn sa. “Earlier this year I told Mayor Emanuel we would help in any way we could to combat violence in the city. When he requested assistance, I immediately agreed to help.”

At the Governor’s direction, the State Police will deploy troopers to areas coordinated with the Chicago Police Department (CPD). The State Police and CPD will set up 20 til 25 “surge” teams with five Chicago Police officers and two State Troopers on each team. The teams will focus on apprehending those with known violent criminal histories who are wanted by law enforcement. The troopers will come from State Police districts across the state. The assistance will be accommodated with current State Police resources

“40 state troopers to join Chicago Police officers in patrolling four city neighborhoods”

Here’s what I think about this announcement:

1. Mayor Emanuel and Governor Quinn can tell their constituents they’re doing something about violent crime with this action. Personlig, I think that’s the real motivation behind this announcement as both are running into some campaign headwinds.
2. It’s worded at one point- “apprehending those with known violent criminal histories”- so as to not make Emanuel look as if he requires outside assistance. The state troopers are just providing a helping hand. ja, that’s it.
3. The actual impact on violent crime by this action is questionable. “The teams will focus on apprehending those with known violent criminal histories.” How about those without known violent criminal histories? I’m guessing a number of these individuals are contributing to the headline-making carnage as well. I won’t be surprised to hear the shootings and homicides are continuing at the same pace as they have been this year.
4. If you ask me, this announcement demonstrates above all else the Chicago Police Department needs a lot more bodies. And not the perforated ones. Huske, the press release specifically calls for state troopers to join the CPD in patrolling city neighborhoods. Not enough personnel to effectively carry out patrols? Time to hire more cops.

Having problems finding the money to pay for these additional police officers? Slash the number of aldermen in the city by halfto start.

That’s my two cents. You can read the entire press release on the Illinois Government News Network website her.

Av Christopher E. Hill
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Illinois guvernør skyver forbud mot "Assault våpen,' 'Høy kapasitet' Ammo magasiner

Som demokratiske lovgivere ikke kan finne ut hvorfor skyteepisoder og mord har hatt med fornyet styrke i Chicago denne sommeren (tips: bare-bones Chicago Police Department, pistol-relaterte lover på bøkene, men ikke håndhevet, og skyttere kommer ikke i fengsel eller for kort en periode), de har tydd til å skyve mer pistol "kontroll" lover på lovlydige bestanddeler som har hatt noe å gjøre med utbruddet i vold. Fra en pressemelding på Illinois regjeringen News Network nettsted søndag:

Guvernør Quinn kamper for sterkere pistol lover i Illinois
Kongresskvinnen Kelly blir guvernør til trang generalforsamlingen å passere Illinois Public Safety Act og ta et standpunkt mot vold

CHICAGO- Guvernør Pat Quinn, sammen med kongresskvinnen Robin Kelly, i dag besøkte nettstedet en nylig dødelig skyting i Chicagos Morgan Park nabolaget å oppfordre lovgivere å stå med familier og lokalsamfunn og iverksette tiltak mot pistol vold. Guvernøren presset passering av Illinois Public Safety Act, lovgivning som vil forby salg eller levering av overgrep våpen og høy kapasitet ammunisjon blader i Illinois og krever bakgrunnssjekker for overføring av våpen. Dagens aksjon er en del av guvernør Quinns agenda å gjøre Illinois nabolag tryggere.

"Den siste epidemien av vold i Chicago er uakseptabelt og vi må slutte å kjempe tilbake,"Guvernøren Quinn sa. "Public safety er regjeringens fremste oppgave og Illinois bør ikke vente lenger å handle. Det er for mange ofre for en krig som førte på våre gater, en krig drevet delvis av tilgjengeligheten av dødelige, militær stil overgrep våpen som ikke har noen hensikt annen enn drap.

"Vi må arbeide sammen for å beskytte livene til de vi elsker og stoppe hva som skjer i vårt samfunn. Jeg oppfordrer Illinois generalforsamlingen til å ta et standpunkt og passere denne lovgivning som vil redde liv og beskytte samfunn.”

Guvernøren i dag var med kongresskvinnen Robin Kelly, som nylig utgitt Kelly Report on pistol vold i Amerika, første Kongressens analyse av landets pistol vold epidemien som tilbyr en blåkopi for endte krisen.

Senatet Bill 3659 -den Illinois Public Safety Act-ble introdusert i løpet av siste våren lovgivende økten av State Senator Dan Kotowski (D - Park Ridge) og støttes av guvernør Quinn. Den forbyr besittelse, levering, Kjøp og salg av overgrep våpen, stor kapasitet ammunisjon fôring magasiner eller klipp, og .50 kaliber rifler og patroner i Illinois. Gyldig skytevåpen eierne identitetskort (SOM) holdere som har noen av disse enhetene når loven er vedtatt ville være tillatt å holde dem, men kan ikke overføre eller selge dem unntatt til et familiemedlem. Lovgivningen krever også bakgrunnen sjekker for overføring av skytevåpen unntatt et familiemedlem eller på en pistol show…

(Redaktørens merknad: Fet skrift lagt på vekt)

selvfølgelig, skurkene ikke adlyde hva er fastsatt i Illinois Public Safety Act hvis det blir lov. Men her er hva har virkelig søl opp om forbud demokratene presser.

Ifølge Federal Bureau of Investigation statistikk, såkalte "assault våpen" og .50 kaliber rifler brukes sjelden i forbrytelser- spesielt mord- rundt staten Illinois.

Fra tabellen 20, "Murder av staten, Typer våpen, 2012"på FBIS"forbrytelse i USA. 2012"web-side (i fjor jeg kunne finne relevant data tilgjengelig for):

Illinois ("begrenset supplerende drap data mottatt")
Totalt mord ("Totalt antall drap som supplerende drap dataene ble mottatt"): 509
Totalt skytevåpen: 439
• Håndvåpen: 429
• Rifler: 4
• Hagler: 2
• Skytevåpen (type ukjent): 4

439 skytevåpen-relatert drap i Illinois i 2012. Med en rifle (type ukjent) benyttet i bare 4 av de drap.

Forby "assault våpen" og .50 kaliber rifler. ja, som vil løse tøylesløs vold.

Noe forteller meg at disse demokratiske politikerne prøver å lure velgerne til å tro de kan ende pågående blodbadet i denne valgkampen år med slik lovgivning.

Ikke til å skje, som den såkalte Illinois Public Safety Act ikke engang komme nær komme til roten av problemet.

Se “tips” over.

Du kan lese hele pressemeldingen på IGNN nettsted her. Og at 2012 FBI rapporttabell her.

Av Christopher E. Hill
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82 Skudd, 14 Drept i Chicago Over lang juli 4 Helgen

I heard my mama cry
I heard her pray the night Chicago died
Brother what a night it really was
Brother what a fight it really was, glory be…”

As the local news talked about the high number of shootings that occurred over the long holiday weekend in Chicago, I couldn’t help but think of the song lyrics of “The Nght Chicago Died” by Paper Lace. Peter Nickeas reported on the Chicago Tribune website igår:

In all, at least 82 people were shot, 14 of them fatally, since Thursday afternoon

Five of the people were shot by police over 36 hours on Friday and Saturday, including two boys 14 og 16 who were killed when they allegedly refused to drop their guns.

Many of the long weekend’s shootings were on the South Side, clustered in the Englewood, Roseland, Gresham and West Pullman neighborhoods that rank among the most violent in the city.

As expected, Mayor Rahm Emanuel used the occasion to push for more gun “control.” From the Tribune stykke:

Asked why police, even with extra patrols, couldn’t tamp down the violence, Emanuel said: “It’s a fair question, where were the police? What were they doing? I would also say, where are the gun laws?”

Nickeas added:

He called for “better policing, better prevention” as well as better parenting and tougher gun laws

I mellomtiden, Chicago Police Department Superintendent Garry McCarthy called attention to one of the ekte reasons why the “Windy City” is experiencing the type of violence seen this past weekend. Stefano Esposito, Frank Main, and Brian Slodysko wrote on the Chicago Sun-Times website yesterday morning:

McCarthy, standing beside a cache of recently seized guns and rifles, touched on one of his favorite themes — the lack of punishment in Illinois for people who illegally own guns

He repeated his frustration that many of the people who threaten his cops with firearms have been previously convicted of gun crimes. He frequently points out that people arrested for gun crimes are often released on bond. And if they’re convicted, they don’t serve serious prison time, he says

“They don’t serve serious prison time.”

Why is that?

Consider what Cook County President Toni Preckwinkle said back in the fall. Den Chicago Tribune’s Hal Dardick reported on October 2, 2013:

I’ve been quite clear that I don’t believe in mandatory minimums,” said Preckwinkle, who also made it clear she was referring to both drug and gun crimes. “I think that they’re one of the reasons that our jails and our prisons are overcrowded, and they basically tie the judgeshands and eliminate judicial discretion, and the reason we have judges on the bench is to exercise discretion.

Dardick later added:

Preckwinkle is trying to lower the costs of detaining people who are awaiting trial at the overcrowded county jail.

Preckwinkle also has noted the costs to society of get-tough-on-crime mandatory minimum sentences that often put nonviolent offenders — or people capable of rehabilitation — behind bars for long periods, making it less likely they can later launch a productive life.

All of these people, you know, unless we send them to jail for life, they eventually return to our communities,” Preckwinkle said, speaking to reporters after a County Board meeting. “And the longer they stay in prison, the less employable and the more problematic their future outcome.

I mellomtiden, the carnage continues

Paper Lace, “The Night Chicago Died” (1974)
YouTube Video

Av Christopher E. Hill
Overlevelse og velstand (


Nickeas, Peter. “Fourth of July weekend toll: 82 shot, 14 of them fatally, in Chicago.” Chicago Tribune. 7 Juli 2014. (,0,5439185.story). 8 Juli 2014.

Esposito, Stefano, Main, Frank, and Slodysko, Brian. “McCarthy: Hundreds of extra cops not enough to quell weekend of violence.” Chicago Sun-Times. 7 Juli 2014. ( 8 Juli 2014.

Dardick, Hal. “Preckwinkle opposes Emanuel on gun crime mandatory sentences.” Chicago Tribune. 2 Oktober. 2013. ( 8 Juli 2014.

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Om det ' Sniper reir’ I Chicago

Beklager FOX 32 Nyheter i Chicago. Så mye som jeg liker å se deg på TV på ukedag morgenen (Jake Hamilton, Darlene Hill, Jon Kelley, Melodien Mendez er spesielt bra), Hvem skrev følgende på webområdet i juni 30 må bli flogged.

Den fornærmende artikkelen…

Sniper reir oppdaget nær Kennedy-King College

Chicago Police Department gjorde en skremmende oppdagelse på sørsiden av byen forrige uke.

Tjenestemenn sier de fant en high-powered halvautomatisk våpen på et kvartal fra campus av Kennedy King college, 64 og Lowe sist torsdag. Offiserer si reiret ble funnet på en garasje overfor en fotballbane på campus.

På scenen, offiserer gjenopprettet en fullastet Mac-10…

"Sniper nest?"" High-powered halvautomatisk våpen?««Mac-10?”

Jeg kunne har sverget stykket opprinnelig sa "high-powered halvautomatisk rifle" når jeg først leste det.. Men jeg ser den ble oppdatert juli 1.

Vurdere hva Elizabeth Kreft rapportert på TheBlaze nettsted samme dag:

Våpen offiserene tilbake på scenen var ikke en rifle men en fullastet Mac-10.

"Jeg er ikke sikker på hvorfor de kaller det en snikskytter er hekker, Det var et maskingevær, ikke en rifle,"Officer Mike Sullivan, Chicago Police Department talsmann, fortalte TheBlaze.

Sullivan sa media medlemmer bør se opp forskjellen mellom en Mac-10 og en rifle. "De er veldig forskjellige,"han sa…

Jeg spøkte med at litt om forfatteren måtte bli flogged. Men jeg enig med CPD- de definitivt trenger å lære mer om skytevåpen (Fyr Smiths gratis Pistol fakta e-bok er et godt sted å starte) eller risiko "cheapening" FOX 32 merke.

Ikke som jeg er en ekspert på temaet våpen selv. Men jeg er ikke betalt å skrive om slike ting.

Hvis ulønnet kandidat skrev artikkelen… erfaringer? jeg håper det. Du ville gjøre fremtidige feltet arbeid og kolleger en tjeneste.

Journalists Firearm Identification

Av Christopher E. Hill
Overlevelse og velstand (


"Sniper nest oppdaget nær Kennedy-King College." FOX 32. 30 Juni 2014. ( story/25910016/sniper-nest-discovered-near-kennedy-king-college). 3 Juli 2014.

Kreft, Elizabeth. ""Sniper Nest"funnet nær College Campus i Chicago, men det er slags våpen funnet i nærheten som kan være mer urovekkende." TheBlaze. 1 Juli 2014. ( stories/2014/07/01/sniper-nest-found-near-college-campus-in-chicago-but-its-the-type-of-gun-found-close-by-that-may-be-more-disturbing/). 1 Juli 2014.

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Wildings Return To Downtown Chicago

I’ve been following and blogging about flash mobs/mob attacks/wildings in the downtown Chicago area since January 2011. And here are two things I’ve noticed:

1. The Chicago mainstream media generally seems to ignore these incidents.

2. The growing number of trolls on the comment area of the popular Chicago police blog Andre byen Cop keep asking for video evidence of the criminal activity.

Now I can’t speak for others, but if I find myself in a situation where feral kids are acting up nearby, I’ll be too busy watching after myself/loved ones to worry about shooting some stupid video.

Besides, I own a simple flip phone.

But getting back on track, after a long day my I turned on the 9 o’clock news on FOX 32 and caught a segment about the City of Chicago preparing for summertime wilding. In the piece, the Chicago Police Department acknowledged the wilding from last weekend that Andre byen Cop/commenters have been talking about (suck it, trolls). Craig Wall reported on the FOX 32 website tonight:

Summer has come to mean more than just scores of shoppers and visitors on Michigan Avenue. It now also brings plenty of extra police officers to discourage would be troublemakers.

Friday night police arrested one man for unknown reasons, but the bigger concern is the mobs of young people who have been terrorizing visitors on warm summer weekends, and giving this vital tourist destination a bad reputation for safety

Last weekend police sources said there were problems in and around Michigan Avenue, a mob of young people overran the McDonalds at State and Chicago, stealing food orders from patrons and running out.

And in an unrelated incident, a woman who confronted a thug got her car window smashed out. Police hope a very visible police presence will discourage any problems and make visitors feel secure

(Redaktørens merknad: Fet skrift lagt på vekt)

FOX 32 News Chicago
“CPD Out In Full Force To Deter Crime, Violence”
FOX 32 Video

Planning to visit downtown Chicago soon? It’s still generally safe, I hear. Just be careful and aware of one’s surroundings at all time while in the area, particularly on nice weekend nights.

Av Christopher E. Hill
Overlevelse og velstand (


Wall, Craig. “CPD Out In Full Force To Deter Crime, Violence.” FOX 32. 6 Juni . 2014. ( 6 Juni. 2014.

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Chicago Reader: Chicago Aldermen Silent On Violence

“Fellow west-side Alderman Michael Chandler (24th) also believes the police could be doing more with the officers they already have. ‘They get paid for eight hours of work, but if they just did six hours of work, that would be an improvement,’ he said. ‘You see them sitting on the side of the road.’

-Chicago Reader nettsted, Juni 3, 2014

This morning I spotted an article on the Chicago Reader website that focused on the violence in the “Windy City.” Particularly, the response of elected officials- Chicago’s aldermen- to the shootings and murders in their wards. Mike Dumke wrote this morning:

But with few exceptions, the elected officials who represent these areas haven’t been nearly as vocal as the mayor. This has been especially noticeable in the City Council, where most black aldermen have been quiet, loyal mayoral backers even as their constituents grow increasingly distressed and discontented.

It turns out there’s a good reason for the silence: many aldermen aren’t exactly sure what to do about the violence, politically or otherwise. That’s what I heard repeatedly when I surveyed them on the same day Emanuel made his latest gun control proposal

Like that introductory quote suggests, Dumke’s piece is interesting, insightful, and somewhat controversial (“The police ranks have even shrunk under Emanuel- a point that doesn’t sit well with many aldermen, though they’ve been reluctant to bring it up publicly”), which you can read in its entirety on the Chicago Reader nettsted her.

Av Christopher E. Hill
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