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2012 Chicago Murder Tally Grows

Okay, it’s time to roll again after that little mid-week break.

Now, many readers might know that the number of murders in Chicago last year topped 500.

506, according to Chicago Police Department data and various news outlets.

Well, even though we’re a month-and-a-half into a new year, that number keeps growing.

507 is where the “Windy City” presently stands (535 homicides according to the Crime in Chicago blog).

Peter Nickeas reported on the Chicago Tribune website yesterday:

A man has died nearly two months after he was beaten by a group of people and hit over the head with a bottle, authorities said.

Steven Cannon, 29, of the 5800 block of South King Drive, was pronounced dead about 10:30 p.m. Tuesday at RML Specialty Hospital, the Cook County medical examiner’s office said.

That incident took place on December 22, 2012, making him Chicago’s 507th “official” murder last year.

Here’s hoping there will be no more upwards revisions going forward.

By Christopher E. Hill, Editor
Survival And Prosperity (


Nickeas, Peter. “Man dies after beating in South Shore in December.” Chicago Tribune. 13 Feb. 2013. ( 14 Feb. 2013.


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Thursday, February 14th, 2013 Crime, Public Safety, Self-Defense Comments Off on 2012 Chicago Murder Tally Grows

Chicago Sees ‘Most Violent January In More Than A Decade’

I have a pretty good idea what a number of you will be thinking as you read this post:

How’s that gun “control” working out for you, Chicago?

From John Byrne, David Heinzmann, and Bob Secter on the Chicago Tribune website late last night:

Following the most violent January in more than a decade and the high-profile slaying of a 15-year-old high school band majorette, Mayor Rahm Emanuel and his police chief moved closer than ever Thursday to reintroducing the very police strategy they dumped when they took over in 2011.

Emanuel said he would move 200 officers off desk duty to bolster the size of roving teams aimed at suppressing outbreaks of murderous violence that have been on the rise in the city for more than a year.

“The most violent January in more than a decade.”

According to the Crime in Chicago blog yesterday, 44 people were murdered and 160 were shot in the city last month.

Now, back on New Year’s Eve, I noted that at the end of a year in which Chicago surpassed 500 murders (534 according to CIC), the number of beat cops was less than before Rahm Emanuel became mayor.

So, why not just hire more police officers then?

Byrne, Heinzmann, and Secter (sounds like a law firm) added:

The head of the police union said retirements and a lack of new hiring amid tight budget years has reduced the size of the force well below what is needed to keep the streets safe.

“No matter how City Hall slices the numbers or spins this issue, the fact remains we have less officers on the street now than when the mayor was elected,” said Mike Shields, head of the Fraternal Order of Police.

At the news conference announcing his new plans, Emanuel said “you don’t ask the taxpayers to pay for additional cops until you make sure you’re using every cop on the payroll today effectively.”

Personally, I think City Hall is well-aware of the significant, fast-approaching fiscal challenges that are in store for Chicago, so basically “what you see is what you get” could be the case for Chicago Police Department manpower. As things stand, taxes will be going up- significantly- but one has to wonder how much of it will be earmarked for the following, which I blogged about back on August 1:

The “Windy City” has a $25 billion pension crisis that will require property taxes to be doubled by 2015 (from an anticipated $476 million this year to $1.2 billion in 2015) if no changes are made to both retirement benefits and City of Chicago employee contributions.

Remember that $2.98 billion the city received when the Chicago Skyway and parking meters were privatized under former Mayor Richard M. Daley? Only $623 million remains.

The analysis comes on the heels of year-end audit findings that show Chicago is in the midst of a debt crisis, adding $465 million of debt in 2011 to a total long-term debt that’s sitting at just over $27 billion.

(Editor’s note: Italics added for emphasis)

Chicagoans- be prepared to bust out those wallets very shortly.

To wrap things up, one sentence in that Tribune piece really stood out for me. Byrne, Heinzmann, and Secter wrote:

But the events of this week show that tragedy can strike anywhere, and calibrating how and where to stretch those resources is difficult in a city with a deeply entrenched culture of violence.

(Editor’s note: Italics added for emphasis)

“Culture of violence?”

Sounds like Second City Cop wasn’t too far off the mark with that “Culture of Death” comment the other day.

Watch your six, Chicago.

By Christopher E. Hill, Editor
Survival And Prosperity (


Byrne, John, Heinzmann, David and Secter, Bob. “Street violence spurs shift in police strategy.” Chicago Tribune. 31 Jan. 2013. (,0,7276684,full.story). 1 Feb. 2013.


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Friday, February 1st, 2013 Crime, Debt Crisis, Entitlements, Firearms, Government, Gun Rights, Main Street, Public Safety, Retirement, Taxes Comments Off on Chicago Sees ‘Most Violent January In More Than A Decade’

Chicago’s ‘Culture Of Death’ Claims 8 Victims Over The Weekend

It was another deadly weekend here in Chicago.

From the Chicago Sun-Times website this morning:

Eight people were killed and another five wounded in weekend violence in Chicago — including two separate double-homicide shootings.

Seven of those homicides occurred Saturday, making the day one of the deadliest in recent memory.

The Crime in Chicago blog says the city’s at 40 homicides for January.

Chicagoans should brace themselves for yet more talk of gun “control,”, “new” crime-fighting strategies, and statistics that don’t accurately portray the larger crime trends from the powers-that-be, while the city’s “Culture of Death”- as the popular Chicago police blog Second City Cop called it just his morning- keeps on claiming victims.

By Christopher E. Hill, Editor
Survival And Prosperity (


“Eight dead, five wounded in weekend violence.” Chicago Sun-Times. 28 Jan. 2013. ( 28 Jan. 2013.


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Monday, January 28th, 2013 Crime, Firearms, Government, Gun Rights, Main Street, Public Safety Comments Off on Chicago’s ‘Culture Of Death’ Claims 8 Victims Over The Weekend

Chicago On Pace For 700 Murders In 2013?

I predict this new year will be full of distractions here in Chicago. The powers-that-be don’t want Chicagoans focusing on a number of important (and embarrassing) issues, especially murders. And according to an article on the RT website last Friday, 2013 is shaping-up to be another banner year for the “Windy City” in that department. From the Russian government-backed news service:

With at least 18 homicides in the first ten days of 2013, Chicago, Illinois is on pace for more than 700 murders this year – a figure which would far surpass last year’s 516 and leave New York City’s murder rate in the dust…

But this year there have already been 18 homicides in Chicago, six of which occurred throughout a single weekend. The city has already accumulated more than twice as many murders as Detroit, which saw a 20-year high in homicides in 2012. At the current rate of two or more murders per day, Chicago is on pace to accumulate more than 730 homicides this year, which would be a record high since 1997.

According to the Crime in Chicago blog, there have been 23 murders in the city so far this year (January 1-January 13).

And I have a pretty good idea that more gun “control” being proposed by Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel won’t make any difference, as criminals will continue to disregard the now approximately 22,000 firearm-related laws on the books in this country.

By Christopher E. Hill, Editor
Survival And Prosperity (


“At least 18 murdered in Chicago within the first 10 days of the year.” RT. 11 Jan. 2013. ( 16 Jan. 2013.


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Wednesday, January 16th, 2013 Crime, Firearms, Government, Gun Rights, Main Street, Public Safety Comments Off on Chicago On Pace For 700 Murders In 2013?

Chicago Police: 506 Murders In Chicago For 2012

Chicago topped 500 murders in 2012.

Plus tax.

Jeremy Gorner and Robert McCoppin reported on the Chicago Tribune website this morning:

Chicago ended 2012 with 506 homicides, according to an unofficial tally released Tuesday — the first time the city has topped 500 since 2008, and a 16 percent increase over 2011…

Chicago’s tally in 2012 was the highest since 2008 and the second-highest since 2003.

Sandra Guy and Kara Spak added Tuesday on the Chicago Sun-Times website:

In 87 percent of Chicago’s 2012 homicides, the deceased died from a gunshot wound, said Melissa Stratton, spokeswoman for the Chicago Police Department.

As 87 percent of last year’s murders were firearm-related, I’m seeing a number of comments popping-up around cyberspace asking something along the lines of “How’s that strict gun ‘control’ working out for you, Chicago?”

One of the local blogs I visit on a regular basis, Crime in Chicago, counts 532 murders in the “Windy City” in 2012- 91 more than in 2011.

By Christopher E. Hill, Editor
Survival And Prosperity (


Gorner, Jeremy and McCoppin, Robert. “Police: Chicago ends 2012 with 506 homicides.” Chicago Tribune. 2 Jan. 2013. (,0,3850411.story). 2 Jan. 2013.

Guy, Sandra and Spak, Kara. “Chicago closes 2012 with 506 homicides; three fatal shootings so far this year.” Chicago Sun-Times. 1 Jan. 2013. ( 2 Jan. 2013.

“Chicago ends 2012 with 532 murders 91 more than 2011.” Crime in Chicago. 1 Jan. 2013. ( 2 Jan. 2013.


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Chicago Reaches 500 Murders In 2012

Chicago is notorious for its strict gun “control.”

And yet, the “Windy City” just reached a grizzly milestone last night with its 500th murder this year.

(Editor’s note: Crime in Chicago blog says we’re at 527)

With 87 percent of these homicides being firearm-related (Washington Post, December 21).

From Jeremy Gorner and Peter Nickeas this morning on the Chicago Tribune website:

[Nathaniel T. Jackson’s] death was apparently the 500th homicide in Chicago this year, marking a grim milestone. The city last reached that toll in 2008…

As of Thursday night, homicides were up 17 percent over last year in Chicago, and shootings had increased by 11 percent, according to police statistics.

Hunter Clauss and Jordan Owen added the following on the Chicago Sun-Times website:

A 40-year-old man fatally shot in the Austin neighborhood Thursday night was the city’s 500th homicide of 2012, authorities said…

The last year the city’s homicide total reached 500 was in 2008, when 512 people were killed, according to police department records.

So, where does the City go from here?

Let me guess. Chicagoans will be lectured on how more gun “control” is needed.

By Christopher E. Hill, Editor
Survival And Prosperity (


Gorner, Jeremy and Nickeas, Peter. “Grim milestone: Austin shooting apparently 500th homicide in Chicago.” Chicago Tribune. 28 Dec. 2012. (,0,5456581.story). 28 Dec. 2012.

Clauss, Hunter and Owen, Jordan. “Man fatally shot in Austin is city’s 500th homicide victim this year.” Chicago Sun-Times. 28 Dec. 2012. ( 28 Dec. 2012.


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Friday, December 28th, 2012 Crime, Firearms, Government, Gun Rights, Public Safety Comments Off on Chicago Reaches 500 Murders In 2012

Chicago-Area Mayors Push For Illinois ‘Assault Weapons’ Ban Despite Rare Use In Crimes

“‘Assault weapon’ is an invented term. In the firearm lexicon, there is no such thing as an ‘assault weapon.’ The closest relative is the ‘assault rifle,’ which is a machine gun or ‘select fire’ rifle that fires rifle cartridges. In most cases so-called ‘assault weapons’ are cosmetically similar to military guns but are functionally identical to and less powerful than hunting rifles.”

GunFacts 6.1, a popular firearms reference book

As Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel and a handful of other predominantly suburban mayors pleaded for more gun “control” yesterday- including a ban on “assault weapons” in Illinois- here’s an interesting tidbit that both the Chicago Sun-Times and Chicago Tribune picked up on Thursday:

Only about 300 of the 7,000 firearms the Chicago Police Department has taken off the streets in 2012 would be classified as so-called assault weapons.

This according to Chicago Police Superintendent Garry McCarthy yesterday.

And, considering the strong push right now by Mayor Emanuel and these other politicians to ban these semi-automatic firearms, the question begs to be asked:

How many of the 518 murders in Chicago this year (per the Crime In Chicago blog this morning) were from “assault weapons”?

I suspect not many.

You see, according to the Congressional Research Service (who did tremendously-thorough research for me back when I was a U.S. Senate staffer) in a November 14 report on gun “control” legislation:

According to a 1997 survey of 203,300 state and federal prisoners who had been armed during the commission of the crimes for which they were incarcerated, fewer than 1 in 50, or less than 2%, used, carried, or possessed a semiautomatic assault weapon or machine gun.

In other words, in these 200,000-plus crimes, “assault weapons” were used less than 2 percent of the time.

This echoes other research I’ve come across showing usage of these guns in crimes and homicides is only in the single digits percentage-wise.

Informed parties on both sides of the gun “control” debate have known this for some time now.

Therefore, is it no wonder that many Americans suspect this latest push to ban “assault weapons”- now being taken up by some Chicago-area mayors- is not so much about the “gun” as much as it is “control”?


Spielman, Fran. “Rahm Emanuel and area mayors want state ban on assault weapons.” Chicago Sun-Times. 20 Dec. 2012. ( 21 Dec. 2012.

Byrne, John. “Emanuel presses for gun control moves while public is at ‘tipping point’” Chicago Tribune. 20 Dec. 2012. (,0,3826210.story). 21 Dec. 2012.

Krouse, William J. Gun Control Legislation. Congressional Research Service. 14 Nov. 2012. ( 21 Dec. 2012.


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Friday, December 21st, 2012 Crime, Firearms, Government, Gun Rights, Hunting, Public Safety, Self-Defense, Shooting Sports Comments Off on Chicago-Area Mayors Push For Illinois ‘Assault Weapons’ Ban Despite Rare Use In Crimes

Chicago Homicides Now Over 500 In 2012?

The weather here in Chicago was pretty nice this weekend considering the time of year it is. Even dropped by the Pickwick Restaurant in nearby Park Ridge for banana splits with the girlfriend before picking up holiday cards a couple doors down (they now have cards for mail/delivery people from the dog- too funny).

And as it’s been the case here in the Windy City for some time now, the warm weather meant some neighborhoods transformed into a shooting gallery. Last I heard, 8 people were killed in violence this weekend.

Chicago looks to be on track to reach 500 homicides this year. From the wildly-popular Chicago police blog Second City Cop early this morning:

A rough count of homicides puts it around 487. That might be subject to change, but 500 is just over the horizon. 515 is a real possibility for the year.

Now, SCC is talking about the “official” homicide count here. According to a different blog I’ve started reading, homicides in the Second City are already over 500 in 2012. Comfortably over. From the sidebar of the Chicago crime blog Crime in Chicago this morning:



Second City Cop, 487. Crime in Chicago, 510. Why the discrepancy?

From a November 28 post on Crime in Chicago:

The city feeds the media and the public homicide numbers that do not include Justifiable Homicides. Example here- Police fatally shoot man who pointed gun at them We do, after all an outcome of a homicide does not change depending on who kills you.

The city will count a double homicide as 1 homicide. Example here- 2 men shot dead, woman shot in Burnside . We count 2.

The city will classify obvious homicides as “Death Investigation” and not close the case until the following year, when the city’s homicide rate is no longer front page news. Example here- Body found in burning Brighton Park garage

Finally we obtain our numbers directly form the Chicago Police Department website- We stand by our numbers. Now go ask the CPD and REDEYE to explain their numbers and this…..

“The city will count a double homicide as 1 homicide.” “The city will classify obvious homicides as ‘Death Investigation’ and not close the case until the following year.” I’ve heard this before. Is that really the case?

In 2011, the “official” number of murders was 433. Crime in Chicago counted 441 homicides.


SCC. “Up to Eight.” Second City Cop. 3 Dec. 2012. ( 3 Dec. 2012.

“Chicago Violence Scoreboard.” Crime in Chicago. 28 Nov. 2012. ( 3 Dec. 2012.


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Monday, December 3rd, 2012 Crime, Mainstream Media, Public Safety, Self-Defense Comments Off on Chicago Homicides Now Over 500 In 2012?
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