Signs Of The Time, Part 111

Truly a sign for once in this long-running series of posts.

Seen in Muncie, Indiana, recently was a billboard displaying the following:

Hate Cops?
The Next Time You Need Help
Call A Crackhead.

I understand the “advice” has since been withdrawn from the billboard after some person(s) was offended.

Others are citing this “retreat” as one more example of political correctness run amok, and are gladly offering to assist said person(s) back to their “safe space”…

“South Park- Safe Space- ‘In My Safe Space’”
YouTube Video

By Christopher E. Hill
Survival And Prosperity (www.survivalandprosperity.com)


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Signs Of The Time, Part 93

“Mandatory depression screening for all Americans”?

Just got wind of this “doozy” Monday afternoon from the Ron Paul Institute for Peace and Prosperity. Former Texas congressman and two-time Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul wrote in his weekly column Sunday:

The United States Preventive Services Task Force recently recommended mandatory depression screening for all Americans. The task force wants to force health insurance companies to pay for the screening. Basic economics, as well as the Obamacare disaster, should have shown this task force that government health insurance mandates harm Americans…

Mandatory depression screening will not just raise insurance costs. In order to ensure that the screening mandate is being properly implemented, the government will need to create a database containing the results of the screenings. Those anti-gun politicians who want to forbid anyone labeled “mentally ill” from owning a firearm will no doubt want to use this database as a tool to deprive individuals of their Second Amendment rights.

If the preventive task force has its way, Americans could lose their Second Amendment, and possibly other, rights simply because they happened to undergo their mandatory depression screening when they were coping with a loved one’s passing or a divorce, or simply having a bad day. As anyone who has been mistakenly placed on the terrorist watch list can attest, it is very difficult to get off a government database even when the government clearly is in error. Thus, anyone mistakenly labeled as depressed will have to spend a great deal of time and money in what may be a futile attempt to get his rights back.

Mandatory depression screening will endanger people’s health by increasing the use of psychotropic drugs. These drugs often have dangerous side effects. Their use has even been linked to suicide. The fact that almost every mass shooter was on psychotropic drugs is another good reason to oppose any policy that will increase reliance on these medicines

(Editor’s note: Bold added for emphasis)

Disturbing. You can read Ron Paul’s piece in its entirety over on the Institute’s website here.

Christopher E. Hill
Survival And Prosperity (www.survivalandprosperity.com)


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Welfare Recipient: ‘Can You Really Blame Us? I Mean, I Get To Sit Home, I Get To Go Visit My Friends All Day, I Even Get To Smoke Weed’

“The point is these programs are not typically hammocks for people to just lie back and relax. These programs are almost always temporary means for hardworking people to stay afloat while they try to find a new job or go into school to retrain themselves for the jobs that are out there, or sometimes just to cope with a bout of bad luck. Progressives should be open to reforms that actually strengthen these programs and make them more responsive to a 21st century economy.”

-U.S. President Barack Obama, remarking on economic mobility, December 4, 2013

And then there’s “Lucy,” calling in to KLBJ radio station in Austin, Texas, in October. This alleged welfare recipient told listeners:

I just wanted to say while workers out there- people like you that are preaching morality at people like me who are living on welfare- can you really blame us? I mean, I get to sit home, I get to go visit my friends all day, I even get to smoke weed. Me, and people that I know that are illegal immigrants that don’t contribute to society- we still gonna get paid. Our checks are going to come in the mail every month, and it’s going to be on time. And we get subsidized housing. We even get presents delivered to our kids for Christmas. Why should I work?

Personally, I think there may be a lot more “Lucy’s” out there than President Obama’s remarks would have you believe.

“Welfare Recipient: ‘I Get to Sit Home… I Get to Smoke Weed… We Still Gonna Get Paid'”
YouTube Video

By Christopher E. Hill
Survival And Prosperity (www.survivalandprosperity.com)


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Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel ‘Has The Toughest Job In America’

If you haven’t noticed, I find myself blogging about a lot of depressing crap. That’s not my intention- it just goes with the territory of talking about the subject material I do in this day and age. People who know me know that I look forward to when I can blog about brighter days. They’re out there- but there’s an unavoidable storm to be had first. Especially in the city of my birth and former residence- Chicago. And when I talk of the woes the Midwestern metropolis faces, I’m not making this stuff up. As I blogged back on July 24:

There should be no doubt that I predict tough times ahead for the city. But it’s not just me who harbors such suspicion. Even the Chicago FOX affiliate, Channel 32 News, is running a series called “Chicago at a Tipping Point” these days.

When putting together that post, I told myself I’d have to explore this “Tipping Point” series. The FOX 32 website has more information about it, and this is what it says on the sidebar of its designated web page:

The Problems

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel has the toughest job in America—rescuing one of the country’s most attractive and largest cities from disaster. Among its problems:

Money: Potentially catastrophic tax increases loom due to hundreds of billions of dollars in unfunded public employee pension liabilities. Public employee union leaders have launched increasingly desperate counter-attacks on once-friendly Democratic Party politicians. Those politicians are moving to reduce public employee retirement benefits and other costs because taxpayers cannot afford them.

Schools: One consequence: facing an estimated $1 billion budget shortfall, the Board of Education just voted to close 49 under-performing schools. The vast majority lie within the gang/drug zone that families and business are fleeing as fast as they can. The president of the Chicago Teachers Union routinely denounces the school closings by accusing Mayor Emanuel of being a “racist” and a “murderer.” It might be laughable were it not so disgusting and potentially destabilizing.

Crime: Police claim 80% of the Chicago’s murders are driven by drug-dealing street gangs with billions of dollars in annual revenue and an estimated 100,000 members or sympathizers. Until that contagion is cleansed, those neighborhoods will see little if any private sector investment or job growth and continued residential flight. The street gang population plays into the concerns over crime as well as the closing of schools in gang infested neighborhoods. To many, it appears Chicago Police do not have control over these neighborhoods.

Jobs: Metro Chicago’s dismal 9.5% unemployment rate ranks 315th in the US, just barely ahead of #327 metro Detroit. Factory jobs that remain are increasingly automated and intellect-intensive. Ford Motor Co’s South Side Assembly plant at 126th & Torrence prefers to hire workers with at least two years of college. High school dropouts can’t even find work in a factory any more. It is Chicago’s shame that so few in these dying neighborhoods have sufficient skills to enable them to move Downtown.

Dismal stuff. By the way, on that last point about jobs, the Chicago area unemployment rate has climbed up to 10.3 percent according to the Illinois Department of Employment Security.

Like I said, I don’t make this up.

By Christopher E. Hill, Editor
Survival And Prosperity (www.survivalandprosperity.com)


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Pandemic Potential? H7N9 Bird Flu And Novel Coronavirus

Back on April 19, I asked if readers were paying attention to the spread of the H7N9 bird flu virus in China.

That followed a similar post from February 18 about the novel coronavirus (nCoV).

Here’s the latest regarding these deadly respiratory viruses. From the CBS News website Monday morning:

Two outbreaks of new, deadly respiratory infections in two different parts of the world have international health officials on edge, actively researching how to stay head of the new diseases.

In recent months, an outbreak of a new strain of bird flu called H7N9 has hit China while a new coronavirus that first appeared last year has been infecting an increasing number of people in the Middle East — and now Europe.

Last week, the coronavirus related to SARS spread to France, where one patient who probably caught the disease in Dubai infected his hospital roommate. Officials are now trying to track down everyone who went on a tour group holiday to Dubai with the first patient as well as all contacts of the second patient. Since it was first spotted last year, the new coronavirus has infected 34 people, killing 18 of them. Nearly all had some connection to the Middle East.

CBS ran a follow-up article about the novel coronavirus this afternoon. From that later piece:

Saudi Arabia has confirmed four new cases of a deadly new respiratory virus related to SARS that appears centered in the Arabian Peninsula but that has also been reported in Europe…

Other cases have appeared in France, Germany and Britain, possibly linked to travel in the Gulf region.

While the novel coronavirus has infected 34 and killed 18 since last September, the H7N9 bird flu strain in China has infected 131 and killed 32 since March.

So, do either of these viruses have pandemic potential? Possibly. Consider what the World Health Organization (WHO) said in Monday’s CBS piece:

WHO, which is closely monitoring the viruses, says both have the potential to cause a pandemic — a global epidemic — if they evolve into a form easily spread between people.

So far, that doesn’t seem to be the case. And luckily for us, there are no reports of anyone in United States getting infected and sick with either H7N9 or the novel coronavirus.

Just as well, as there are no specific treatments for illnesses caused by the novel coronavirus, according the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention website. However, the CDC does say this about treating illnesses caused by the H7N9 avian flu:

CDC received an H7N9 virus sample from China on April 11. Antiviral resistance testing on the first virus isolate at CDC has been completed and indicates that this virus would be sensitive (susceptible) to the two influenza antiviral drugs that are used to treat seasonal flu: the neuraminidase inhibitors oseltamivir (Tamiflu®) and zanamivir (Relenza®)

For more information about these viruses, you can visit the CDC website here (novel coronavirus) and here (H7N9).

By Christopher E. Hill, Editor
Survival And Prosperity (www.survivalandprosperity.com)


“Coronavirus and bird flu: Scientists tracking outbreaks of two new infections.” Associated Press. 13 May 2013. (http://www.cbsnews.com/8301-204_162-57584184/coronavirus-and-bird-flu-scientists-tracking-outbreaks-of-two-new-infections/). 14 May 2013.

“New coronavirus infects four more in Saudi Arabia.” Associated Press. 14 May 2013. (http://www.cbsnews.com/8301-204_162-57584412/new-coronavirus-infects-four-more-in-saudi-arabia/). 14 May 2013.


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Quote For The Week

Mexico’s President Calderon is very fond of pointing north when attributing blame for Mexico’s ills, Norte, as in the United States. Going so far as to drag the US into his speech after the horrendous Monterrey Casino Royale attack

One point of contention is weapons.

For those a little slow in feeling his wrath, he recently unveiled a billboard created by using confiscated, crushed, weapons that read “NO MORE WEAPONS!”. To assure there was no mistaking who was intended to receive the message, with great fanfare it was planted at the south border pointing to the US city of El Paso Texas…

The action was silly and not behavior one most would deem presidential. Perhaps a billboard on the El Paso side should have been erected, reading “NO MORE DRUGS!” made of crushed meth pipes and marijuana bongs.

-From an April 8 blog post by Chivis Martinez on the Borderland Beat blog. The weblog is “a reflection of the issues affected by crime and drugs along the border between Mexico and the U.S.”


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Chicago Overrun By More Than 100,000 Gang Members, Problem Grows Nationwide

Chicago residents have been repeatedly told by City Hall and others that crime is getting better. But for how long, considering the Chicagoland area is being overrun by gangbangers? From Chicago’s ABC affiliate WLS-TV Channel 7 on Friday:

Street gang membership in Chicago and the suburbs is at least twice as big as city and outlying police departments. It’s due in part to a surge in the Chicago region’s gang population related to Mexican cartels taking hold of illegal drug sales.

There are more gangbangers in metro Chicago than there are residents in Orland Park and Glenview combined, at least 100,000 gang members, according to the latest intelligence from a top federal enforcement agency in Chicago…

“You’ve got over 100,000 gang members,” said Jack Riley, Special Agent in Charge for the Chicago Field Division of the Drug Enforcement Administration. “At some point those cartels have to interface with the street gang members that control the dope that’s going out on the street. That to me is what I refer to as a choke point. There’s the opportunity for violence to flare up between the cartels and the street gangs as they’re both positioning themselves to make money.”

According to Channel 7’s Chuck Goudie, city and suburban police say somewhere between 75 and 100 street gangs operate criminal rackets in the Chicagoland area.

The rise in gang-banging is not just a Chicago phenomenon. From USA TODAY’s Kevin Johnson last fall:

Gang membership, a traditional trigger for violent crime, is rising even as murder and other violent crime have declined substantially in much of the USA.

Across the country, gangs have grown to about 1 million members, according to the federal government’s most recent count in 2009, and law enforcement officials say that number is increasing.

The 25% jump in the membership ranks from 2005, recorded by the National Gang Threat Assessment, defies the steep decline in violent crime. That has sunk to its lowest levels since 1973, according to a National Criminal Victimization Survey released last month by the Justice Department.

Violent crime declined to 17.1 incidents per 1,000 people in 2009, down from 19.3 incidents in 2008, the report says.

“With gangs usually comes a lot of violence; we’re looking at this very closely,” says John Moore, director of the National Gang Center, an arm of the Justice Department. He says national surveys of gang membership continue to show growth.

Word of advice? Like Chicago Police Sergeant Phil Esterhaus used to tell the troops at roll-call in Hill Street Blues:

Hey, let’s be careful out there.


Goudie, Chuck. “Police ‘outmanned’ by growing gang population.” WLS-TV Channel 7 (Chicago). 25 Feb. 2011. (http://abclocal.go.com/wls/story?section=news/iteam&id=7981123). 2 Mar. 2011.

Johnson, Kevin. “As violent crime drops, gang ranks swell 25%.” USA TODAY. 31 Oct. 2010. (http://www.usatoday.com/news/nation/2010-11-01-gangviolence01_ST_N.htm). 2 Mar. 2011.


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