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Young ‘Chiraqis’ Chant ‘Fuck Donald Trump’ Outside Loop Voting Location

“Chicago rap star Chance The Rapper led hundreds of crowd members from a free concert to an early voting location in the city on the night before Election Day, an effort dubbed the “Parade to the Polls” that was captured and shared on social media…”

-CNN website, November 8

“Chance The Rapper Leads Illegal March In Chicago”
YouTube Video

Ah, the young. I wonder how many of these concert-goers recognize there’s a real possibility a number of them will end up working overseas- as servants in wealthy Asian househlolds– in a few years time should America’s downward trajectory continue unchecked.

Stay classy, you rambunctious “Chiraqi” yutes. And be sure to familiarize yourself with “hegemonic cycles” as time permits.

By Christopher E. Hill
Survival And Prosperity (www.survivalandprosperity.com)


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My Early Voting Experience In Cook County, Illinois

For those planning to cast a ballot in the November 8, 2016, elections, you might want to consider taking advantage of the last day of “early voting” if the opportunity presents itself.

Figuring that voter turnout on Election Day might be heavy around these parts, Friday morning after rush hour my girlfriend and I headed down to our designated early voting location- a public library in the northwest suburbs of Chicago. The room in which the voting was taking place wasn’t packed to the gills, but it was busy enough that I had to wait in line to be checked-in. Here are a few highlights from that experience:

-A number of my fellow voters brought English-speaking translators with them. Since there looked to be only one seat per voting machine, it appeared these parties had to wait a bit until two adjacent machines/seats were simultaneously vacated so the voter could conduct their business.

-On that note, I don’t believe the voting place staffer who processed me- a very nice older Asian gentleman- spoke English too well. Still, he was able to communicate with me in the noisy room via head nods and hand gestures, so it all worked out fine in the end.

-Some party (again, seemingly English-challenged) was trying to make the case to staffers that one of their members should be permitted to vote due to the fact that the Cook County voter information card that was mailed to them was addressed to the “household” (for example, mine read “Hill Household”). Since this person was part of that household, it was argued they should be able to vote. I didn’t stick around long enough to see how that discussion panned out, but something tells me it will come up again somewhere in the next two days.

-The touch-screen voting machine I used functioned pretty good. The “Next” button was kind of “sticky” though.

-After reading stories in the news of voting machine “malfunctions” in other states, you bet I double-checked my ballot via the optional print out before it was cast.

-While the environment was somewhat hectic, those staffing the early voting location seemed like they had the situation under control. Hat-tip to them.

-Still, the worker collecting the “cards” used in the voting machines did not give me an “I Voted” sticker as I departed. He was sure to bestow one on my girlfriend, but not me. For a brief instant I actually thought about going back inside to get a sticker. Am I lame or what?

Anyway, that was my experience at a Cook County early voting location before the weekend. Not too horrible. But considering the potential crowds/hiccups at the polling places Tuesday, like I said, you might want to consider taking advantage of the last day of “early voting” if the opportunity presents itself.

By Christopher E. Hill
Survival And Prosperity (www.survivalandprosperity.com)


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