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Jim Rogers: ‘Gigantic, Gigantic Currency Turmoil’ Coming

Well-known investor, author, and financial commentator Jim Rogers recently spoke to Mike Manciel of the Rethinking the Dollar project, whose objective is “to promote the importance of alternative education in the realm of monetary literacy.” In the exchange posted on YouTube.com on November 26, the former investing partner of George Soros in the legendary Quantum Fund talked about a number of financial topics, including currencies. Rogers told viewers:

In the next decade- if not much sooner- we’re going to have gigantic, gigantic currency turmoil. And that’s going to affect everything… The dollar is going to have a lot of problems. All currencies are going to have a lot of problems…

Addressing the U.S. dollar specifically, the Singapore-based investor said:

At the moment, I’m certainly watching currencies- especially the U.S. dollar. I own a lot of U.S. dollars for a variety of reasons…

People are worried about what’s happening in the world. And so a lot of money is coming into the U.S. to escape the turmoil they see elsewhere. Coming into the U.S. dollar. People think, Mike, around the world, think that the U.S. dollar is a safe haven. It’s not… But everybody thinks, they have the perception, that the U.S. dollar is a safe haven for historic reasons. So when they get scared they put their money into U.S. dollars. So the U.S. dollar is going higher and higher. I mean, that’s why I own a lot of U.S. dollars. Not because I think it’s a great place to be. Because I know the turmoil is coming. I know people will be scared. And the dollar will get overpriced. Might even turn into a bubble, Mike, before it’s over. But then, when everybody starts saying, “Wait a minute, this is crazy.” They start looking at the real fundamental situation of the U.S. dollar. Then they go and dump their U.S. dollars- I hope I get out first. And we’re going to have a gigantic, gigantic crisis. Be worried Mike, be worried…

“RTD Ep:50 “The Dollar Is Going To Have A Lot Of Problems” – Jim Rogers”
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By Christopher E. Hill
Survival And Prosperity (www.survivalandprosperity.com)

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