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Ron Paul: ‘We’ll Have A Downturn And Then That Will Be A Real Challenge For The New Administration’

Former Texas congressman and two-time Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul was on the CNBC TV show Futures Now last week speculating about the economy under the new Trump administration. Here’s what Paul thought about President Trump’s plans for the beginning of his term:

Well, it’s hard to dissect as many people have discovered because some days I hear one message and other days I hear a different message. But what I think comes through generally speaking is that there’s going to be a lot more spending. It doesn’t sound like he’s bashful about spending. He doesn’t seem to be very concerned about the deficit. And with this massive increase in infrastructure as well as the military, I think there’s going to be a lot more spending. I think the debt is going to be much bigger. I think that it will put more pressure on the Fed. I think there will be more monetizing of debt. And everybody has to think about what generally comes about when the economy is manipulated by the Federal Reserve- you have good times, and then you have to have bad times to compensate for the artificially good time. So we’ll have a downturn and then that will be a real challenge for the new administration.

(Editor’s note: Bold added for emphasis)

“Ron Paul: A ‘downturn’ will happen under Trump”
CNBC Video

By Christopher E. Hill
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Signs Of The Time, Part 93

“Mandatory depression screening for all Americans”?

Just got wind of this “doozy” Monday afternoon from the Ron Paul Institute for Peace and Prosperity. Former Texas congressman and two-time Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul wrote in his weekly column Sunday:

The United States Preventive Services Task Force recently recommended mandatory depression screening for all Americans. The task force wants to force health insurance companies to pay for the screening. Basic economics, as well as the Obamacare disaster, should have shown this task force that government health insurance mandates harm Americans…

Mandatory depression screening will not just raise insurance costs. In order to ensure that the screening mandate is being properly implemented, the government will need to create a database containing the results of the screenings. Those anti-gun politicians who want to forbid anyone labeled “mentally ill” from owning a firearm will no doubt want to use this database as a tool to deprive individuals of their Second Amendment rights.

If the preventive task force has its way, Americans could lose their Second Amendment, and possibly other, rights simply because they happened to undergo their mandatory depression screening when they were coping with a loved one’s passing or a divorce, or simply having a bad day. As anyone who has been mistakenly placed on the terrorist watch list can attest, it is very difficult to get off a government database even when the government clearly is in error. Thus, anyone mistakenly labeled as depressed will have to spend a great deal of time and money in what may be a futile attempt to get his rights back.

Mandatory depression screening will endanger people’s health by increasing the use of psychotropic drugs. These drugs often have dangerous side effects. Their use has even been linked to suicide. The fact that almost every mass shooter was on psychotropic drugs is another good reason to oppose any policy that will increase reliance on these medicines

(Editor’s note: Bold added for emphasis)

Disturbing. You can read Ron Paul’s piece in its entirety over on the Institute’s website here.

Christopher E. Hill
Survival And Prosperity (


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Ron Paul: ‘There’s Pretty Good Evidence Right Now There’s A Shortage Of Physical Gold’

Because I’ve been so busy with the new pad in the Chicago suburbs, I haven’t paid as much attention to the financial markets recently as I would have liked to.

Before my late May move, a number of financial/investing “experts” were pretty adamant about gold rapidly crashing and burning. I remember reading a few predictions of the precious metal plummeting below the $1,000 per ounce level.

And now that I’m picking up steam again with my research and blogging? Gold must surely have tanked by now.

On the day my girlfriend and I closed on our house, the London P.M. gold spot price was $1,382.50. Today, almost two months later, gold stands at $1,326.00.

So much for the yellow metal’s rapid demise.

Catching up on gold’s recent activity, I noticed that retired U.S. Representative Ron Paul appeared on the CNBC show Futures Now this past Tuesday. The production is hosted by CNBC reporter Jackie DeAngelis.

Readers may remember Ms. DeAngelis from her recent attempt to call out Peter Schiff over his gold price forecasts.

The three-time U.S. presidential had a few choice words to say about gold:

Gold is a real good, long-term identifier on the value of a currency and the value of our dollar. I mean, if you look at 100 years it’s very easy. $20 up to $1,800 dollars. Now it’s $1,300 and we’re printing money faster than ever. And there’s pretty good evidence right now there’s a shortage of physical gold. The physical gold margin has always been strong. And that’s going to continue. This is going to be sorted out. And after these corrections sometimes you see an explosion. Even though I’m not a technician on gold, I suspect that could happen. I think long-term you can expect governments not to change. We’re going to see more Detroits. Eventually, the government of the United States will be somewhat similar to Detroit because people will give up their confidence in us, give up confidence in the dollar, and eventually they’ll give up confidence on our military. And then you are going to see some real, real changes in this system which has been built on a fiat dollar for the last 40 years.

“Ron Paul: Why Detroit bankruptcy is good for gold”
CNBC Video

On a side note, CNBC entitled this video “Ron Paul: Why Detroit bankruptcy is good for gold”

Is it me, or did I miss where Ron Paul suggested how the Detroit bankruptcy is good for gold?

Just thought I’d ask.

By Christopher E. Hill, Editor
Survival And Prosperity (

(Editor’s note: I am not responsible for any personal liability, loss, or risk incurred as a consequence of the use and application, either directly or indirectly, of any information presented herein)


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Obama To Issue Executive Order To Implement Cybersecurity Act?

Back when I was tooling around with my Apple IIc in the mid-eighties, I thought dial-up computer Bulletin Board Systems were the bomb. And with all the talk these days about the fragility of and control over the Internet, I’m starting to wonder if BBSs won’t have a future again. From Jason Mick earlier today on the technology news website Daily Tech:

I. Cybersecurity Bill – Down, But Not Out

Take the “Cybersecurity Act”, bill, S.2105, for example. A redraft of earlier House bill H.R. 3523, the Act gained the support of the President by modifying its proposed implementation to include funneling more of Americans’ private data through the increasingly Big Brother-esque U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS).

While the President was delighted by the promise of the DHS gaining more access in the name of fighting a shadowy, vague Chinese threat, privacy advocates and fiscal conservatives were horrified by the bill. Rep. Ron Paul (R-TX) called the bill “Big Brother writ large.”

The bill also stalled in the Senate thanks to growing concern from the corporate community, who urged their affiliated Republican Senators to move to block the bill. Business leaders supported some of the provisions that would tear down legal barriers between government and private sector information sharing. But they balked at the proposal of mandatory security guidelines — another key part of the bill.

Well, bill or no bill the Obama administration is confident they can put the policies in place. The key to subverting the stubborn legislature, argues administration officials is to substitute executive orders in the place of Senate votes.

Obama’s slogan on this and other issues is “we can’t wait.”

(Editor’s note: Italics added for emphasis)

From what I understand, the executive orders controversy surrounding the defeated legislation was initiated by a White House e-mail. Brendan Sasso wrote on The Hill’s technology blog Hillicon Valley this past weekend:

Senate Republicans recently blocked cybersecurity legislation, but the issue might not be dead after all.

The White House hasn’t ruled out issuing an executive order to strengthen the nation’s defenses against cyberattacks if Congress refuses to act.

“In the wake of Congressional inaction and Republican stall tactics, unfortunately, we will continue to be hamstrung by outdated and inadequate statutory authorities that the legislation would have fixed,” White House press secretary Jay Carney said in an email.

“Moving forward, the President is determined to do absolutely everything we can to better protect our nation against today’s cyber threats and we will do that,” Carney said…

Obama uses the slogan “we can’t wait” to argue that some issues are too important to be allowed to stall in Congress.

(Editor’s note: Italics added for emphasis)

What don’t these guys have a slogan for?

Anyway… Christopher Hill, SyOps.

Yeah, I like the sound of that.


Mick, Jason. “Following Defeat, Obama to Reportedly Push Cybersecurity Bill With Executive Orders.” Daily Tech. 7 Aug. 2012. ( 7 Aug. 2012.

Sasso, Brendan. “After defeat of Senate cybersecurity bill, Obama weighs executive-order option.” Hillicon Valley. 4 Aug. 2012. ( 7 Aug. 2012.


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Signs Of The Time, Part 42

From CBS’ The Big Bang Theory creator Chuck Lorre at the end of tonight’s episode:

For me, the epiphany came in my second season on Roseanne. At thirty-nine years old I finally woke up to the fact that the principles I was taught as a child, like fairness and justice, have no place in the world of power and money. The rules of the sandbox, strictly enforced by a wise and compassionate adult, are laughable when the sandbox is the television business and there are Mercedes and Bentleys parked alongside it. What’s odd is that twenty years later, despite my belated awakening to the reality of amorality, that old schoolyard programming continues to insist on its rightness. Ideas like “play nice,” “share your toys,” “no name-calling,” “take turns” and “misbehaving gets punished” still resonate inside me as if they were some sort of fundamental truths. Of course, I now know that they are not. At best, they’re ideals. Lofty goals to aspire to. The truisms of the real world are more along the lines of, “my ball, my bat, my rules” and “money talks, bull$#*! walks.” Which brings me to our impending presidential election. A classic showdown between the lessons we all learned as children and, well… reality. Further complicating the situation is our collective, unconscious desire to be supervised by that wise and compassionate adult. But there is no such adult. The truth is, we are alone in the sandbox. The game we play, seemingly forever, is called “Ideals vs. Money and Bats.” For what it’s worth, I’m betting on the latter, but there’s a little boy in me who insists on voting for the former.

So, the “little boy” is a Ron Paul supporter then?


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Ron Paul Tells Fed Chair Bernanke He’s Destroyed Value Of Paper Money

So the record of what you’ve done in the last six years is destroy the value of paper money, at the same time real money [holding up 1 ounce silver coin] is preserved.

-Congressman Ron Paul (R-TX), speaking to Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke at a hearing of the House Financial Services Committee on Wednesday

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy Video


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Alex Jones’ Infowars: ‘Active Duty Troops To March On White House’

Talk about a headline that catches people’s attention. From Kurt Nimmo on Alex Jones’ the other day:

Active Duty Troops to March on White House

One thousand veterans and active duty troops will shatter the corporate media hoax that insists members of the American military do not support Ron Paul due to his opposition to the unconstitutional forever war agenda of the establishment…

The February 20th march on the White House by veterans and active service members in support of Paul is appropriately dubbed “Ron Paul is the Choice of the Troops.” The event will begin at noon with a rally at the Washington Monument followed by a march at 2 PM in military squad formation to the White House where a special ceremony to honor troops who have died since the election of Obama will be held.

Nimmo shares more information about the event on here.


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Quote For The Week

From an exchange between CNBC’s Maria Bartiromo and Representative Ron Paul of Texas last Tuesday:

BARTIROMO: So you’ve written a book titled End The Fed. Do you still want to eliminate the Federal Reserve?

REP. PAUL: Oh, sure. But I think the Fed will end itself before I’m able to do it.

Ron Paul vs. the Fed
CNBC Video Link



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