Jim Rogers szczegóły inwestycji rosyjski, Perspektywy akcje rozwiniętych gospodarek

While searching for the latest activity from the “wypadku proroków” this morning I came across an insightful piece on well-known investor, Autor, and financial commentator Jim Rogers on Metrów Alphaville. Izabella Kaminska reported on the Financial Times (UK) daily news and commentary blog today:

Rogers’ Russian investments now include stakes in fertiliser maker Phosagro, airliner Aeroflot, a Russia ETF and the Russian stock exchange, but he said was looking to expand into different sectors as well…

Rogers’ bullish view on Russia contrasts significantly with his outlook for Europe, Japan and the United States. Regarding Japan, Rogers proposed that Prime Minister Shinzo Abe was doing “terrible things” to Japan and advised young Japanese to leave the country as soon as they possibly could to avoid losses. Jednak, in the short-term, he believed there were also opportunities in the stock market as a result of the extraordinary central bank action.

Regarding the Eurozone, Rogers powiedział he didn’t own any euros, nor did he want to because he would rather buy Russia.

As ever, his outlook for developed economies remained bleak on the basis that central banks had debased the currency and that government statistics were lying about the true state of inflation in the land…

(Od redakcji: Pogrubienie dla podkreślenia)

It should come as no surprise to regular readers of Przetrwania i dobrobytu that the former investing partner of George Soros has been investing in Russia (blogged about in May tutaj).

Rogers shared with the Financial Times his reasons for selecting the above Russian investments. Good stuff by Kaminska and Metrów Alphaville, which you can read in its entirety tutaj.

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Peter Schiff: Złota "Weźmie rakiet statku kopię zapasową" i zaćmienie $5,000

Kitco News anchor Daniela Cambone got the chance to speak to Euro Pacific Capital CEO Peter Schiff on November 18. The “crash prophet” who correctly-predicted the U.S. Popiersie mieszkaniowych i 2008 global economic crisis was at the Grand Cayman Liberty Forum, and here’s what the long-time gold bull had to say about the precious metal. Z ich wymiany:

CAMBONE: So let’s tie this back into gold now. What’s your outlook for the metal? I know you’ve been bullish on the metal. Do you continue to be?
SCHIFF: Tak. I’m bullish. Wiesz, it’s hard to call the short term obviously and people now are trying to say, “Oh Peter, wiesz, you were saying gold was going to go to $5,000.” It’s going to go to $5,000. And in fact, I looked at some of my CNBC interviews and I was predicting $5,000 when gold was $500. Tak, it’s not like I just started doing it when it was at $900. Right? I’ve had that target on my mind for some time. And I think we’re going to eclipse it. And I think when this decline is over-and it’s been 2 lub 3 years since gold hit its high around $1,900- I think it’s going to rise faster than before. Normally markets go down- they take the stairs up and the elevator down. Well I think that gold is going to take a rocket ship back up, because I think when all the people who have been shorting gold and selling gold realize that they’ve got it wrong, and they want to buy it back- it’s just not there. Because I think the real gold- all the gold that was dumped out of ETFs- I think it’s sitting in vaults in Russia and China, and it’s never going to see the light of day again. So when the buyers want it back, it’s not going to be there…

Schiff proclaimed later:

This is the best fundamental environment I’ve ever seen for gold. And also, I do believe that the dollar’s days as the world’s reserve currency are numbered, and when the dollar is no longer accepted as the reserve currency, what’s going to take its place? It’s not going to be the euro. It’s not going to be the yen. I think it’s going to be gold. I think the world is going to go back to gold…

“Gold Will Take Rocket Ship Back Up – Peter Schiff | Kitco News”
Gold discussion starts at 3:44
YouTube Wideo

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Obama na politykę zagraniczną w pigułce

I’m going to roll back things a bit today. Wczoraj wieczorem, Ja mówił about the 1-hour Huckabee TV special “Threats To America” on FOX News. In the segment about China, KT McFarland, the FOX News National Security Analyst and host of’s DEFCON 3, talked about how the Obama administration perceives our nation’s place on the world stage. McFarland told Huckabee viewers:

This administration came into office not thinking America should be the greatest power in the world. They thought if America gets taken back a peg or two, that’s going to make the world a better place. They don’t think America has necessarily been a force of good in the world. And as a result, they’re very comfortable with seeing the rising China, the rising Middle East, the rising Iran. And why? Because they think if America steps back, then somehow this global community is going to be in charge of things and we’ll all be at peace. When in fact, if it’s not America, then who is it? It’s Chinese rules. It’s Moscow rules. It’s Tehran rules. Lub, even worse, it’s complete chaos.

KT McFarland on Obama’s foreign policy (starts at 2:37)
YouTube Wideo

I consider myself a lifelong student of U.S. foreign policy and international relations. And even have some academic and work experience in these areas as well. Having followed this administration’s dealings with the rest of the world since day one, I’d have to say McFarland- who’s held national security posts in the Nixon, Ford, Reagan administrations- seems pretty much spot-on in her assessment of Obama’s foreign policy.

“Somehow this global community is going to be in charge of things and we’ll all be at peace”

I used to think this might be possible (mostly skeptical however) back when I was a college/graduate student.

Then I wised up after observing how the real world works.

Got realpolitik? Because China, Rosja, and Iran sure as hell do.

Remember what one of Barack Obama’s predecessors- John F. Kennedy- warned:

Domestic policy can only defeat us; foreign policy can kill us.

Amen to that. I’m not saying idealism is necessarily a bad thing. Just that U.S. foreign policy makers need to startkeeping it real” ponownie, as other nations wola pursue national self-interest over theglobal goodwhen the situation arises, the two cannot be mutually-satisfied, and the perceived benefits outweigh the costs.

When Americagets taken back a peg or two,” in many cases spurning the greater good (and inviting the ire of Uncle Sam/others) doesn’t look nearly asexpensiveas it once did.

And some still wonder why China, Rosja, Iran, and others have been so active on the international stage the last couple of years

Christopher E. Wzgórze
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Gospodarka światowa miga sygnały ostrzegawcze

I’m picking up on a growing number ofbad vibesabout the global economy these days.

Pierwszy, Rich Miller reported on the Bloomberg website Thursday about the findings of the latest Bloomberg Global Poll of international investors:

The world economy is in its worst shape in two years, with the euro area and emerging markets deteriorating and the danger of deflation rising, according to a Bloomberg Global Poll of international investors.

A plurality of 38 percent of those surveyed this week described the global economy as worsening, more than double the number who said that in the last poll in July and the most since September 2012, when Europe was mired in a recession.

Much of the concern is again focused on the euro area: Almost two-thirds of those polled said its economy was weakening…

Europe isn’t the only source of concern in the global economy, according to the quarterly poll of 510 investors, traders and analysts who are Bloomberg subscribers. More than half of those contacted said conditions in the BRIC economies — Brazylia, Rosja, India and Chinaare getting worse, w porównaniu z 36 percent who said so in July.

(Redaktor: Pogrubienie dla podkreślenia)

Przyznane, it’s just a poll. But there’s also this from British Prime Minister David Cameron in a piece he penned that was published on Guardian (UK) Strona internetowa niedziela:

Six years on from the financial crash that brought the world to its knees, red warning lights are once again flashing on the dashboard of the global economy.

As I met world leaders at the G20 in Brisbane, the problems were plain to see. The eurozone is teetering on the brink of a possible third recession, with high unemployment, falling growth and the real risk of falling prices too. Emerging markets, which were the driver of growth in the early stages of the recovery, are now slowing down. Despite the progress in Bali, global trade talks have stalled while the epidemic of Ebola, conflict in the Middle East and Russia’s illegal actions in Ukraine are all adding a dangerous backdrop of instability and uncertainty…

(Od redakcji: Pogrubienie dla podkreślenia)

Cameron added the following, which I thought was pretty funny (disturbing?):

When we faced similar problems in recent years, too many politicians offered easy answers, thinking we could spend, borrow and tax our way to prosperity. Those were the wrong answers then; they are the wrong answers now. We are not going to repeat the mistakes of the past…

(Od redakcji: Pogrubienie dla podkreślenia)

Sound like any country you know?

Wreszcie, exacerbating fears about global economic health was the following “shock” announcement. Mitsuru Obe and Eleanor Warnock reported on Wall Street Journal strona rano:

Japan Falls Into Recession

Japan’s economy shrank for a second quarter in a row, after a sales-tax increase took the steam out of Prime Minister Shinzo Abe ’s bid to turn Japan into a global model of revival.

Pan. Abe, who has sought to revive the world’s third-largest economy after two mostly sluggish decades, is set to announce this week that he will delay plans to raise the nation’s sales tax next year and call elections in December…

“Two mostly sluggish decades”

Some really bright financial-types suspect Japan’s so-called “zombie economy” is what’s ultimately in store for America. While I have no doubt about a coming U.S. economic crash, I remain somewhat more optimistic for the country’s prospects upon emerging from the coming carnage.

Stay tuned…

Christopher E. Wzgórze
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Cameron, David. “David Cameron: Red lights are flashing on the global economy.” Guardian. 16 Lis. 2014. ( 17 Lis. 2014.

Miller, Bogaty. “World Economy Worst in Two Years, Europe Darkening, Deflation Lurking: Global Investor Poll.” 13 Lis. 2014. ( 17 Lis. 2014.

Obe, Mitsuru and Warnock, Eleanor. “Japan Falls Into Recession.” Wall Street Journal. 17 Lis. 2014. ( 17 Lis. 2014.

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Jim Rogers: "Świat jest zaczynają zdawać sobie sprawę, że musi odejść od USA. Dolar’

Znany inwestor, komentator finansowych, i autor Jim Rogers pojawił się na wiadomości globalnej sieci RT (Dzisiaj Rosja) wczoraj, gdzie rozmawiał z kotwica Kevin Owen o stan USA. dolar. Rogers ostrzegł:

Dolar jest walutą poważnie skaza. I ludzie muszą coś innego do korzystania. I czy to jest Rubel lub renminbi lub co- Nie wiem- Podejrzewam, że to będzie renminbi, ale świat jest zaczynają zdawać sobie sprawę, że musi odejść od USA. dolar.

Owen poprosił byłego partnera inwestowanie George Soros, jeśli jesteśmy bliżej do czasu kiedy Dolar nie będzie stosowany jako waluty rezerwowej. Z Rogers, który odpowiedział::

Nie w tym roku. Nie w przyszłym roku. Ale na pewno do końca tej dekady zamierzasz zobaczyć dużo społeczeństwo używać innych rzeczy. Kevin, ludzie już zaczęli. 15 lat temu, USA. Dolar był 70 procent ludzi rezerwy walut. Teraz to się 62 procent. Ludzie już odchodzą. Powoli, ale one są w ruchu.

Oparte na Singapur inwestora, który przewiduje, że towary boomu, który rozpoczął się w 1999 również zwierzył się z widzów:

Kupiłem rubli na piątek.

"Jim Rogers: Pod koniec tej dekady Dolar straci świat dominacji"
YouTube Wideo

Pomimo powyższe ostrzeżenie, Rogers wspólnie z Reuters na październik 23 że on nadal własnością USA. dolar. Wyjaśnił:

Mam wotum nieufności w długoterminowej siły USA. dolar. Tylko własne, to ponieważ spodziewam się, wszystko to zamieszanie stanie. I w czasach kryzysu, ludzie uciekają do bezpieczne schronienie w USA. dolar. To nie jest bezpieczne schronienie, ale uważają, że jest to bezpieczne schronienie, więc ludzie będą własne. To dlaczego mam to.

Teraz co oczekujemy stanie jest, Dolar będzie przejść silniejsze na następny rok lub dwa, w którym momencie- pewnym momencie- Będziesz musiał sprzedać. Nie mam pojęcia co zrobić z moimi pieniędzmi potem bo świat ma to straszne, straszne niesolidne Fundacji w wszystkich aktywów.

"Dlaczego Jim Rogers jest właścicielem dolary drukowane przez bankierów"szalone"Fed"
Reuters Wideo

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Jim Rogers: "Wszystkie będziemy płacić cenę strasznych" Kiedy kończy się "Sztuczne Ocean płynność"

Dzisiaj wieczorem, I want to talk about well-known investor, Autor, i komentator finansowych Jim Rogers. The former investing partner of George Soros- who I recently heard is worth approximately $300 milion (Soros $23 mld euro)- recently shared his thoughts about the global financial system and potential investment opportunities.

Na maja 27, Nina Xiang of the China Money Network contributed the following on the Forbes witryna internetowa:

Legendary investor Jim Rogers has been warning about “the ocean of artificial liquidity” as a result of the unprecedented money printing by central banks around the world for quite some time now.

But with the U.S. stock market at an all-time high, his cautionary words seem to have hardly been heeded

“When it ends, wszyscy będziemy płacić straszliwą cenę,” says Rogers

Read it as an advocacy for an alternative attitude that is unpopular at the moment: the attitude of awareness that we are in this “artificial period” and it will end one day; the attitude of fearfulness that there will be more turmoil in the next ten years; the attitude of preparedness, that includes stocking up some extra food, a spare flashlight, and gold coins — instead of gold bars — for when the time of emergency comes

(Od redakcji: Pogrubienie dla podkreślenia)

"Jim Rogers: We Will All Pay A Terrible Price For Today’s Artificial Liquidity”
YouTube Wideo

Note that in the Chinese Money Podcast that was uploaded onto YouTube the same day as that Forbes kawałek, Xiang and Rogers talked about regional conflicts and the Singapore-based investor predicted:

I would suspect that sometime in the next ten years, the world’s going to have a bigger conflict.

Na maja 26, the text of another interview with Jim Rogers was published on the website of Koniunktury gospodarczej (Indie). Rogers, who correctly predicted the commodities rally that started in 1999, talked about the following investment opportunities:

• Gold and silver- "Jeśli to idzie w dół, I assure you I will be buying more gold and more silver.”
• Crude oil- “Remember, all the other known reserves in the world are in decline, even if the supply from the US is rising. Everywhere else, there has been declining reserves, because there have been no great oilfield discoveries in over 40 years.”
• Sugar- “I am bullish on sugar.”
• U.S. dolar- "Jestem właścicielem dolara i żadnego nie sprzedali. W zasadzie, pewnie bym kupił kilka, Jeśli nie mogę mówić do Ciebie."

Rogers concluded this discussion by sharing that:

Jestem wciąż próbuje znaleźć więcej rzeczy można kupić w Rosji, maybe some Chinese shares and maybe some more Japanese shares

Nice job by Koniunktury gospodarczej getting this information from Rogers.

Christopher E. Wzgórze
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(Notatki redaktora: Informacje dodane do strony "Miasto gniewu proroków"; Nie jestem odpowiedzialny za wszelkie zobowiązania osobistego, strata, lub ryzyko powstaje w wyniku użycia i stosowania, albo bezpośrednio albo pośrednio, wszelkich informacji przedstawionych w niniejszym dokumencie.)


Xiang, Nina. “Why We Should All Take A Moment To Listen To Jim Rogers.” Forbes. 27 Maj 2014. ( 29 Maj 2014.

“Will be excited about investing in India if Narendra Modi delivers: Jim Rogers.” Koniunktury gospodarczej. 26 Maj 2014. ( 29 Maj 2014.

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Chińsko rosyjski gaz ziemny czynienia cios w USA. Dolar wyższość?

“The Obama administration is playing down an increasingly warm relationship between its main global rivals, China and Russia, that it may have inadvertently encouraged.

U.S.. officials maintain there is nothing to fear from the growing alliance between Moscow and Beijing, even as each throws its weight around in neighboring regions like Ukraine and the South China Sea and at international forums like the United Nations, where on Thursday they double-vetoed the latest in a series of Security Council resolutions on Syria.

Yet when coupled with growing cooperation between Russian President Vladimir Putin and his Chinese counterpart, Xi Jinping, in other areas- notably, a new $400 billion natural gas deal and apparent agreement on the crisis in Ukraine- many believe Russia and China may now or may soon represent a powerful new alliance challenging not only the United States, but also the Western democratic tradition that the U.S. has championed globally…"

-Associated Press, Maj 23, 2014

You may have heard about that $400 billion natural gas deal that was just struck between China and Russia. Or maybe you didn’t, as I’ve noticed the mainstream media hasn’t really been talking about it too much. Most of the outlets that did neglected to talk about the potential ramifications for the U.S. dolar.

There were exceptions. From the BBC News website on May 22:

Some papers are also analysing the impact of the deal on the world currency market.

A commentary in the Beijing Youth Daily says the deal will probably encourage more countries to not trade in US dollars if China and Russia decide to switch to clearing payments in Russian roubles and the yuan.

The world economy and finance will then embark on a process to get rid of the US dollar, and the dominance of the dollar will gradually lose its support. The US will then face more challenges in its ability to control global economics and politics,” it says

From Liam Halligan on Telegraph (UK) wczoraj:

The real danger, moim zdaniem, is rather more abstract — but deadly important nevertheless. If Russia’s “pivot to Asia” results in Moscow and Beijing trading oil between them in a currency other than the dollar, that will represent a major change in how the global economy operates and a marked loss of power for the US and its allies.

With the dollar as the world’s petrocurrency, it also remains the reserve currency of choice for central banks globally. Jako takie, the US is currently able to borrow with “exorbitant privilege”, as it has for decades, simply printing money to pay off foreign creditors.

With China now the world’s biggest oil importer and the US increasingly stressing domestic production, the days of dollar-priced energy, and therefore dollar-dominance, look numbered. Beijing has recently struck numerous agreements with major trading partners such as Brazil that bypass the dollar. Moscow and Beijing have also set up rouble-yuan swap facilities that push the greenback out of the picture.

If Russia and China now decide to drop dollar energy pricing totally, America’s reserve currency status could unravel fast, seriously undermining the US Treasury market and causing a world of pain for the West. This won’t happen tomorrow or next year. It’s unlikely even by 2020. But by announcing this deal, Russia and China turned the screw half a twist more

(Od redakcji: Pogrubienie dla podkreślenia)

Then there’s this from Max Keiser, an American filmmaker and host of the Keiser Report, a financial show on RT. Z Washington Times stronę wcześniej dzisiaj:

He said the $400 mld euro, 30-year deal will further the strategic goals of Moscow and Beijing to diminish the status of the U.S. dollar by conducting world trade in critical commodities such as oil and gas using other currencies.

Russia is the world’s biggest producer of commodities such as crude oil, gold and titanium. China is the world’s biggest consumer of these commodities.

Both countries have chafed for years at having to conduct purchases and sales in dollars, as is customary worldwide. The gas deal announced in Beijing on Wednesday would be the first major commodities contract to be settled in Russian rubles and Chinese yuan rather than dollars.

“This means the U.S. dollar’s days as the world reserve currency are numbered," said Mr. Keiser, noting that Russia and China have been investing heavily in gold.

Many analysts question whether Moscow and Beijing can succeed in displacing the dollar as the world’s reserve currency. If that happens, Jednak, it likely would usher in a period of global financial instability and force Americans to pay much more for the massive amounts of imported energy, Pan. Keiser said

(Od redakcji: Pogrubienie dla podkreślenia)

According to the Economist Intelligence Unit- the research and analysis division of The Economist Group, the sister company to Ekonomista newspaper- na maja 22, it has been reported payments for the gas will be made in Chinese yuan rather than U.S. dolarów.

Christopher E. Wzgórze
Przetrwania i dobrobytu (


“China media: Russia gas deal.” BBC News. 22 Maj 2014. ( 25 Maj 2014.

Halligan, Liam. “Russia-China gas deal could ignite a shift in global trading.” Telegraph. 24 Maj. 2014. ( 25 Maj 2014.

Wzgórze, Patrice. “Russia’s Putin gains strategic victory with Chinese natural gas deal.” Washington Times. 25 Maj 2014. ( 25 Mój 2014.

“The Sino-Russian gas deal.” Economist Intelligence Unit. 22 Maj 2014. ( 25 Maj 2014.

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Co Jim Rogers jest zakup w Chinach, Rosja tych dni

Inwestor, Autor, i komentator finansowych Jim Rogers pojawiła się ostatnio na Yahoo! Pokaż finansów Codziennie Ticker. Gospodarz Lauren Lyster poprosił byłego partnera inwestowanie George Soros o Chiny i Rosja. Rogers wspólne następujące z widzów w segmencie opublikowanym wczoraj:

Chińskie zapasy

Nie kupuję w Chinach. Kupuję trochę. Nadal mają problem duży dług, co mnie martwi o wiele. Ale, I have started buying because they had a big conference in November where one powiedział, “This is what we’re going to spend our money on in the next twenty years.” Now, MS. Lyster- they’ve got more money than I do. And they’re smarter than I am. And if they’re going to put a lot of money into some sectors of the Chinese economy, I am too. I, they said we’re going to open up the economy more and more- especially in finance. So I started putting a little more into financial companies. And more important, they said, “When there’s a situation where we’re not quite sure what to do, we’re going to let the market decide- such as health care…."

Tak, I’m finding optimism. I nie kupił akcje od 2008- Od listopada 2008. But I’m starting to buy in a small way again.

Russian Stocks

I did buy during Crimea. I woke up and said, “I’ve got to do something now because this is really collapsing.” So I bought more when they marched into Crimea or whatever it was they did. But no- Szukam teraz. But if I weren’t talking to you, I’d probably be buying more.

Russian Ruble

Nie kupuję rubla tyle nago. Nie nago. Ale, Może. Może. Powinniście kupić, gdy ma krwi na ulicach… Rosja- there’s blood in the streets. Figuratively.

“Jim Rogers: Forget U.S. rynki, I’m buying Chinese and Russian stocks
Yahoo! Finance Wideo

Christopher E. Wzgórze
Przetrwania i dobrobytu (

(Notatki redaktora: Informacje dodane do strony "Miasto gniewu proroków"; Nie jestem odpowiedzialny za wszelkie zobowiązania osobistego, strata, lub ryzyko powstaje w wyniku użycia i stosowania, albo bezpośrednio albo pośrednio, wszelkich informacji przedstawionych w niniejszym dokumencie.)

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Rosja do ataku Petrodollar?

Here’s another story that’s not getting much attention this week:

Russia threatening to replace U.S. dollar-denominated transactions for their exports

Gleb Stolyarov reported on this morning:

Rosja, keen to dodge threatened Western sanctions on its companies over the Ukraine crisis, said on Wednesday it was looking at ways for major state-owned exporters such as energy giants to be paid in roubles.

The idea of major exporters being paid in roubles rather than dollars has been gaining ground in recent weeks in response to sanctions imposed by the West on officials and companies over Russia’s annexation of Crimea and an uprising in Ukraine’s east.

There are certain risks, but we are preparing a mechanism, we are working on it,” Finance Minister Anton Siluanov told reporters during a visit to Russia’s Baltic enclave of Kaliningrad

(Od redakcji: Pogrubienie dla podkreślenia)

So exports would be paid for in rubles rather than dollars. So what?

Michael Snyder of The Economic Collapse blog highlighted what could be at stake. Snyder wrote yesterday:

This would essentially be like slamming an economic fist into our nose.

Widzisz, Russia is not just a small player when it comes to trading oil and natural gas. The truth is that Russia is the largest exporter of natural gas and the second largest exporter of oil in the world.

If Russia starts asking for payment in currencies other than the U.S. dolar, that will essentially end the monopoly of the petrodollar

(Od redakcji: Pogrubienie dla podkreślenia)

Snyder continued:

So why is the petrodollar so important?

Dobrze, it creates a tremendous amount of demand for the U.S. dollar all over the globe. Since everyone has needed it to trade with one another, który stworzył niekończące się apetyt globalnej waluty. Że zachowało wartości dolara sztucznie wysoki, a to pozwoliło nam importować bilionów dolarów super tanie produkty z innych krajów. Jeśli inne narody zatrzymał się przy użyciu dolara w handlu między sobą, wartość dolara chcieliby spadają drastycznie i będziemy musieli zapłacić dużo, znacznie bardziej na drobiazgi, które możemy kupić w sklepie dolara i Wal-Mart.

W dodatku, od USA. Dolar jest zasadniczo de facto globalnej waluty, to również wzrósł popyt na nasze zadłużenia. Eksportujących krajów takich jak Chiny i Arabia Saudyjska kończy się z olbrzymich pali naszych dolarów. Zamiast po prostu je tam siedzieć i nic, tych Narodów często reinwestowania ich dolarów na papiery wartościowe, które szybko mogą być zmieniane w dolarach, w razie potrzeby. Jednym z najbardziej popularnych sposobów na to było zainwestować te dolary w USA. Skarbu Państwa. To spowodował obniżkę stóp procentowych w USA. dług w ciągu lat i umożliwiły USA. rząd, aby pożyczyć bilionów na biliony dolarów za nic…

Więc jeśli Rosja naprawdę pociągnąć za spust “de-dolaryzacji” Strategia, to byłoby wielkie – zwłaszcza, jeśli reszta planety zaczęło po ich prowadzić…

Więc reszta planety po Rosji ołowiu? Należy uwzględnić następujące ze strony internetowej dla głosu Rosji, Rząd rosyjski międzynarodowy radiowy radiofonii i telewizji. Valentin Mândrăşescu poinformował wczoraj:

Oczywiście, the success of Moscow’s campaign to switch its trading to rubles or other regional currencies will depend on the willingness of its trading partners to get rid of the dollar. Sources cited by mentioned two countries who would be willing to support Russia: Iran and China. Given that Vladimir Putin will visit Beijing on May 20, it can be speculated that the gas and oil contracts that are going to be signed between Russia and China will be denominated in rubles and yuan, not dollars

(Od redakcji: Pogrubienie dla podkreślenia)

Bądź na bieżąco. This could get ugly.

Christopher E. Wzgórze
Przetrwania i dobrobytu (


Stolyarov, Gleb. “UPDATE 2-Russia, wary of sanctions, wants exporters to be paid in roubles.” 14 Maj 2014. ( 14 Maj 2014.

Snyder, Michael. “De-Dollarization: Russia Is On The Verge Of Dealing A Massive Blow To The Petrodollar.” The Economic Collapse. 13 Maj 2014. ( 14 Maj 2014.

Mândrăşescu, Valentin. “Russia strives to exclude the dollar from energy trading.” 13 Maj 2014. ( 14 Maj 2014.

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Jim Rogers: ‘This Is The Time To Buy Russia’

Inwestor, Autor, and financial commentator Jim Rogers has been bullish on Russia for some time now. W zasadzie, by the time I first blogu about his optimism for the country back in February 2013, he had already invested there.

Despite the recent crisis in the Crimea and subsequent sell-off of Russian assets by international investors, the former investing partner of George Soros hasn’t changed his mind about the former Communist nation. Gertrude Chavez-Dreyfuss and Daniel Bases reported on the Reuters website Sunday:

Russia’s stock market right now is one of the cheapest in the world, and probably one of the most hated,” said investor and commodities guru Jim Rogers, przewodniczącym Rogers Holdings, in Singapore. This is the time to buy Russia.

(Redaktor: Pogrubienie dla podkreślenia)

Chavez-Dreyfuss and Bases added later in the piece:

Rogers, who has been investing in Russia for the last 1-1/2 lata, said he bought Russian stocks last week. He said if more sanctions are imposed and the equities market declines further, there would be more buying opportunities in Russia.

Rogers said he is looking for non-energy companiesa tall order considering the RTS Index of 51 leading Russian companies is heavily skewed toward energy (58 percent of the index) and basic materials (13 procent)…

(Redaktor: Pogrubienie dla podkreślenia)

W styczniu 2013, the Singapore-based investor identified Russia as one market holding the best prospects for investors. Next month, Rogers made it known he had bought Russian bonds and currency. By September, he revealed he had also bought Russian ETFs, but explained:

Nie chcesz kupić olej i gaz gra bo mam tyle ropy naftowej i gazu. Szukam innych rodzajów firm w Rosji.

Christopher E. Wzgórze
Przetrwania i dobrobytu (

(Notatki redaktora: Informacje dodane do strony "Miasto gniewu proroków"; Nie jestem odpowiedzialny za wszelkie zobowiązania osobistego, strata, lub ryzyko powstaje w wyniku użycia i stosowania, albo bezpośrednio albo pośrednio, wszelkich informacji przedstawionych w niniejszym dokumencie.)


Chavez-Dreyfuss, Gertrude and Bases, Daniel. “Analysis: Russia sell-off spurs hunt for bargains.” 30 Morze. 2014. ( 31 Morze. 2014.

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Prezydent Obama: Najlepsze USA "Broni jądrowej schodzili na Manhattanie". Zagrożenie dla bezpieczeństwa

Od czasu do czasu, Mam blogu o zagrożenie ze strony terroryzmu jądrowego dla Stanów Zjednoczonych.

Wcześniej dzisiaj, Prezydent Barack Obama mówił na konferencji prasowej, podczas gdy uczestniczy w szczycie bezpieczeństwa jądrowego 2014 w Holandii. U.S.. Prezydent wychowany niebezpieczeństwa urządzenia jądrowego jest eksplodował w jednym z największych miast w USA. Z odpisu przewidzianego przez Federal News Service:

A więc moja odpowiedź to nadal uważam, że to, co dzisiaj, który Działania Rosji są problemem. Nie stanowią one zagrożenie numer jeden dla bezpieczeństwa narodowego Stanów Zjednoczonych. I nadal są znacznie bardziej zainteresowani, jeśli chodzi o nasze bezpieczeństwo z perspektywą broń jądrowa będzie się na Manhattanie, który jest jednym z powodów dlaczego Stany Zjednoczone, jego dalszy międzynarodowymi siłami, zorganizował forum w ciągu ostatnich kilku lat, które udało się wyeliminować tego zagrożenia w sposób zgodny…

(Od redakcji: Kursywa dodana dla podkreślenia)

Myślę, że coś, co większość Amerykanów nie wie?

Osobiście, Byłbym przyparty do muru żyć w okolicach Nowego Jorku i Waszyngtonie, D. C., Jeśli catch my drift…

Możesz przeczytać cały zapis na Washington Post witryna internetowa tutaj.

Christopher E. Wzgórze
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Welcome To Cold War 2

There’s been quite a bit of talk in the mainstream media these days about Russia and the United States being in a newCold War.

As if the Syrian crisis didn’t provide a hint.

In “honor” of Cold War 2, I thought I’d bust out this Elton John classic for readers (I’ve never been a big fan of Elton John, but liked this tune since I first heard it back in the mid-eighties):

Elton John, “Nikita” (1985)
YouTube Wideo

Even though I first saw this video in 1985, it took me 29 years to realize Elton John was operating the windows of the Rolls Royce Corniche as if the convertible top was on. It wasn’t. Funny guy.

And because I didn’t see the film version of Tommy until 1994, I didn’t realize John had reprised his role as The Pinball Wizard when I first watched the music video on MTV 9 years earlier.

Christopher E. Wzgórze
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Crimea Crisis

I spotted the following (creator unknown) last week regarding the crisis in the Crimea:

Crimea Humor

Nie wiem o Tobie, but I think it’s a pretty good depiction of what’s happened to date.

Christopher E. Wzgórze
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Cytaty tygodnia

“After the Russian Army invaded the nation of Georgia, Senator Obama’s reaction was one of indecision and moral equivalence, the kind of response that would only encourage Russia’s Putin to invade Ukraine next.”

-2008 Republican vice-presidential nominee Sarah Palin, speaking at a rally in a Reno, Nevada, on October 21 of that year

“Back in 2008, I accurately predicted the possibility of Putin feeling emboldened to invade Ukraine because I could see what kind of leader Barack Obama would be. The bullies of the world are always emboldened by indecision and moral equivalence. We can expect more of this sort of thing in a world where America is gutting its military and ‘leading from behind.’”

-Sarah Palin, speaking to Todd Starnes of FOX News Friday

Speak softly and carry a big stick, my friends.

Christopher E. Wzgórze
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Cytat tygodnia

"Powiedziałem to przed, ale jeśli Barack Obama był prezydent zamiast Ronald Reagan, Nadal będę obywatelem Radzieckim."

-Garri Kasparow, Rosyjski (dawniej radziecki) szachista, arcymistrz, były mistrz świata w szachach, pisarz, i działacz polityczny, w lutym 22 "ćwierkanie"

Christopher E. Wzgórze
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