Survey: Illinois Runner-Up State For ‘Worst Climates For Small Business’

Continuing Tuesday’s discussion about Illinois not being business friendly, I spotted a piece last night on the MarketWatch website entitled, “The best state and city for small business are…” Caitlin Huston reported yesterday afternoon:

The best state for small business owners is Texas and the worst is Rhode Island, according to an annual survey revealed Tuesday.

The survey, conducted by technology marketplace Thumbtack, contends that the friendliest states and towns for small businesses offer easier or non-existent licensing requirements. On a city basis, the report called Manchester, N.H., the best and Hartford, Conn., the worst for small-business climate…

Huston noted that survey responses came from 17,633 small businesses, with most having 5 or fewer employees.

As for Illinois? It’s the state runner-up under the “Worst Climates for Small Business” category, losing out to Rhode Island but ahead of Connecticut, California, and New York, in that order.

From the survey web page:

Small business owners gave California, Connecticut, Illinois, and Rhode Island an “F,” while Massachusetts, Maryland, and New York earned a “D” grade…

(Editor’s note: Bold added for emphasis)

Digging deeper into the Small Business Friendliness Survey, the “Land of Lincoln” received an “F” for “ease of starting a business” and “overall friendliness.”

Nice. Real nice. Congratulations Illinois policymakers (not Rauner’s fault)- local and at the state level- on a “job” well done.

Then again, what would one expect from folks (not all of them, to be fair) who have never started/run a business in their lives?

Christopher E. Hill
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Huston, Caitlin. “The best state and city for small business are…” MarketWatch. 18 Aug. 2015. ( 19 Aug. 2015.


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Survey: Illinois Ranked 5th Least Friendly State For Small Business

According to the second annual Small Business Friendliness Survey by Thumbtack and the Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation, Illinois was ranked the fifth least friendly state for small business.

Why am I not surprised to hear that?

From the 2013 Small Business Survey, which drew upon data from over 7,000 small business owners:

Illinois slipped slightly, dropping from a ‘D+’ overall grade in 2012 to a ‘D’ this year.

Some of the key findings for Illinois include:

• Small businesses gave Illinois a ‘C’ for its regulatory systems and a ‘C-’ for its small business training and networking programs.
• Among major cities nationwide, Chicago improved its overall performance from 2012, rising to a ‘C-’ from a ‘D’. Additionally, the city’s regulatory systems rose from a ‘D+’ to a ‘B-’ this year.

Good job Chicago. Never let it be said I didn’t give credit where credit was due.

According to the survey, the “Top 5” least friendly states for small businesses were:

5. Illinois
4. California
3. Hawaii
2. Maine
1. Rhode Island

And the “Top 5” friendliest states were:

5. Texas
4. Idaho
3. New Hampshire
2. Alabama
1. Utah

As for Wisconsin, where I spend a good deal of my time, the state improved from a ‘C+’ overall grade in last year’s ranking to a ‘B’ in 2013. Also, it’s ranked among the 10 easiest states for establishing a new business.

Sounds like they’re headed in the right direction as it concerns small business.

Wish I could say the same thing about the “Land of Lincoln.” I really do.

You can access the survey on here.

By Christopher E. Hill, Editor
Survival And Prosperity (


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