Chicago Identifies 1,400 People Behind 85 Percent Of Gun Violence, Yet Bodies Still Piling Up

Long-time readers of Survival And Prosperity know I’ve been been sounding the alarm over Chicago’s violent crime problem for years now. In 2011, I started blogging about the “wilding” going on downtown. A year later, I began writing regularly about the shootings and murders.

Even though I’ve placed the blog in a holding pattern for the past few months while attending to family and other pressing obligations, I’ve done a pretty good job of staying on top of the local news. And crime- particularly shootings and homicides- often dominated the headlines during that break.

So what’s going on with gun-related violence in the “Windy City” these days?

I spotted the following on the Chicago Tribune website Monday:

Six people were killed and 31 others were wounded in shootings in Chicago over the weekend as the number of homicides this year climbed to nearly 200 above the same period last year, according to police and data compiled by the Tribune…

So far this year, there have been at least 614 homicides in Chicago and at least 3,560 people have been shot, according to Tribune data.  This time last year, there were 416 homicides and at least 2,495 people shot

(Editor’s note: Bold added for emphasis)

The popular HeyJackass! website (“Illustrating Chicago’s Values”) claims an even higher tally, with 3,584 people shot and 623 total homicides in Chicago so far this year.

What’s going on with gun-related violence? A lot, apparently.

And it doesn’t sound like all that gun control is working out too well for “Beirut By The Lake.”

No surprise there, as criminals, by definition, don’t follow the law.

Instead, violence-weary Chicagoans might want to focus what remains of their energy on something Chicago Police Department Superintendent Eddie Johnson has reportedly noted about the shootings/murders. From the Associated Press back on August 28:

About 1,400 people are driving 85 percent of the city’s gun violence. He added that the city has gotten very good at predicting who will be the perpetrators and the victims of gun violence…

(Editor’s note: Bold added for emphasis)

“About 1,400 people.” Sounds like the City of Chicago has a pretty good idea of who’s behind much of this (future) violence.

Yet bodies are still piling up.

So what exactly is the City doing with this information to stem the growing carnage?

One almost might be afraid to ask.

Still, it begs asking. “For the children.”

By Christopher E. Hill
Survival And Prosperity (www.survivalandprosperity.com)


“37 shot in Chicago over weekend as homicides climb nearly 200 above this time last year.” Chicago Tribune. 24 Oct. 2016. (http://www.chicagotribune.com/news/local/breaking/ct-37-shot-in-chicago-over-weekend-as-homicides-climb-nearly-200-above-this-time-last-year-20161024-story.html). 26 Oct. 2016.

“2 Chicago men charged in shooting of NBA star Wade’s cousin.” Associated Press. 28 Aug. 2016. (http://bigstory.ap.org/article/4b24187eed834a21b669f8eb4f02ab74/2-chicago-men-charged-shooting-nba-star-wades-cousin). 26 Oct. 2016.


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‘Multiple Fights’ Close Chicago’s Navy Pier And Winter WonderFest

Just saw the 10 PM news broadcast on Chicago’s Channel 7. Looks like the area’s feral kids were out enjoying the nice weather tonight- and stirring up trouble. According to the ABC affiliate’s website:

A brawl broke out at Navy Pier’s Winter Wonderfest on Chicago’s lakefront Friday night, with at least one person taken to a local hospital.

Police are offering few details, but witnesses described complete pandemonium around 8 p.m. before police and security told everyone Navy Pier was closed.

Witnesses said there were multiple fights breaking out among multiple groups of teenagers and then people started running for the exits…

(Editor’s note: Bold added for emphasis)

“Brawl at Navy Pier”
Channel 7 Video

According to the latest reports coming in from the various Chicago news outlets covering this breaking story, as many as 200 individuals may have been involved in the fracas.

Several have been arrested, and one juvenile has been hospitalized.

It’s one thing when this nonsense is taking place on downtown streets.

But it’s another when the actions of these youths actually close down a major tourist venue like Navy Pier and an event like Winter WonderFest, billed as “Chicago’s biggest and best indoor winter playground.”

Like I wrote on this blog back on May 4, 2011:

If City Hall “loses” downtown to the bad guys- or, in this case, bad boys and girls- you lose the tourists, their money, revenue… you get the point.

You listenin’ Rahm?

Christopher E. Hill
Survival And Prosperity (www.survivalandprosperity.com)


“Brawl Breaks Out At Navy Pier’s WonderFest.” Channel 7. 26 Dec. 2014. (http://abc7chicago.com/news/brawl-breaks-out-at-navy-piers-wonderfest/452065/). 26 Dec. 2014.


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Friday, December 26th, 2014 Crime, Government, Public Safety Comments Off on ‘Multiple Fights’ Close Chicago’s Navy Pier And Winter WonderFest

Chicagoans: Should They Stay Or Should They Go?

These days, there are times living out here in the northwest suburbs of Chicago that I feel like Henry Hill (played by actor Ray Liotta) at the end of the 1990 film Goodfellas.

No, not that part about Henry living the rest of his life as a “schnook.”

Rather, where previously I could step out my door adjacent to a major city artery and things were generally hopping, this suburban subdivision I now live in can be pretty dull at times (which isn’t entirely a bad thing).

Thank god the Italian food around here isn’t nearly as bad as what the other Hill encountered.

Grazie a Dio.

However, I was just reminded this morning of one of the big reasons why my girlfriend and I moved out of the city of Chicago while reading the popular Chicago police blog Second City Cop. “016 Up For Grabs” discussed 5 people getting shot in less than 2 days in the Chicago Police Department’s 16th District, something that kind of hit home considering I used to live in that same district.

Now, it’s not like crime never happened in 016 before. It’s the big city, and the 80 percent of good, law-abiding people are packed shoulder-to-shoulder with the 10 percent of human refuse and remaining 10 percent who play by the rules because they’re forced to. I can recall walking into a convenience store down the street from me just minutes after it had been robbed, having a “welcome to the new home” plant stolen from my building’s entryway shortly after it had been delivered, and finding a big metal Coleman cooler stolen from my underground parking garage space- all within weeks after moving in to my old Northwest Side neighborhood, one of the “nicer” ones in the city.

Funny thing about that cooler. It used to store bottles of antifreeze, windshield washer fluid, engine oil, and more- none of which was taken even though it was inside the cooler. But plenty of which splashed around and/or leaked in that container.

Something tells me those bastards got pretty ill later drinking from those beer bottles/cans because they were too lazy to clean out that cooler before using it.

Karma’s a bitch. Or here’s hoping, right?

Still, armed with “intel” from Second City Cop and other alternative media with a local focus (Chicago mainstream media was hit-or-miss on reporting criminal activity in my neighborhood), Chicago-related research/blog material, and my own local observations, I realized that the 16th District had not only become “grittier” as it concerned crime, but it was occurring at a time when police protection in my area was significantly-reduced from when I first moved in.

Coupled with the City of Chicago’s financial woes that are finally coming home to roost? Chicagoans don’t need to be brain surgeons to figure this one out. Like I’ve been saying for some time now, more fees/fines/taxes and less government services seem to be on the horizon.

I suspect less police protection will be part of that equation, unless Chicago taxpayers pony up more of their hard-earned cash to at least keep the “thin blue line” intact.

And boy is it thin these days.

But I suspect increased revenues will be directed at Chicago’s public employee pension crisis and City Hall’s pet projects (where’s my park, dang it) before it’s steered over to the CPD and public safety.

In other words, Chicagoans had better be prepared to keep hearing “crime is down” for a long time.

In the meantime, City Hall still can’t comprehend that losing Downtown to all the wilding will see the City’s bottom line hit hard as word gets out.

Judging by recent MSM coverage nationwide about such criminal activity here, the word’s already out.

I wonder how hard it is to fudge tourism numbers?

While I would have preferred to have stayed in Chicago, and in particular, our old or the adjacent neighborhood in the CPD’s 16th District, considering what I see is in store for the area and our particular circumstances, my girlfriend and I made the right decision to move when and where we did.

Then again, that might not be the “correct” decision for other Chicagoans. Consider this. We didn’t have much invested in our old location. We didn’t own it (could have, but we steered clear of buying anything until home prices came back down to earth somewhat), we weren’t required to live within the city limits as required by a municipal job, we don’t have kids in the local schools, family and friends didn’t live down the street, the list goes on. So it wasn’t all too painful for us to just pick up and leave when our latest lease ran out.

The same can’t be said for others, and I respect that.

At least I, for one, have given you enough notice of what to expect down the road.

Prepare accordingly.

Is the “Second City” going to get worse? Could get “Third World” when all is said and done, and the ongoing financial storm finally blows completely through.

By Christopher E. Hill, Editor
Survival And Prosperity (www.survivalandprosperity.com)


SCC. “016 Up For Grabs.” Second City Cop. 13 Aug. 2013. (http://secondcitycop.blogspot.com/2013/08/016-up-for-grabs.html). 13 Aug. 2013.


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Tuesday, August 13th, 2013 Crime, Debt Crisis, Deficits, Entitlements, Fiscal Policy, Government, Mainstream Media, Preparedness, Public Safety, Retirement, Spending, Taxes, Tourism Comments Off on Chicagoans: Should They Stay Or Should They Go?

Back To Blogging

Just wanted to let you know I’m back to blogging on Survival And Prosperity after a two week “vacation”- working mainly on the new house in the Chicago suburbs. I did head up to my family’s vacation home in Wisconsin during that time- but it was only for a day and to move furniture in and out of the place as my mom embarks on yet another of her redecorating projects.

Truth be told, I wish she’d set aside some of that money she’s been spending for some basic preparedness items. Last summer, their condo building in the western suburbs lost power for an extended period after a “derecho” event blew through the Chicago area. A heat wave on the heels of that severe weather event only made matters worse, and by the second day my mother was calling me to warn me I might have to carry my elderly, mobility-challenged father down several flights of stairs (in the dark?) to evacuate him to cooler surroundings. Thankfully, the electricity was restored before it came to that.

Shortly thereafter, I suggested to my parents that we get them some real simple preps like a battery-powered camp lantern and battery-operated fans for the next time something like this occurs. Initially, they were receptive to the idea. But as time went on, they changed their tune.

Apparently, this change of heart isn’t uncommon. Some time ago I read or heard that after an event of this magnitude- or even worse- happens, those affected often have good intentions to prepare for something similar the next time around. However, as time passes by, there’s usually no follow through. Not surprised.

All I know is this. As soon as I can scrape together some extra cash, I’m going to buy my P’s these preps. If anything, because I’m not looking forward to carrying my dad down several flights of stairs in the dark and on my back.

Before I let you go, while it’s easy to get lulled into complacency by the gorgeous summer weather (okay, maybe not in Chicagoland today, where the heat index is 99 degrees as I type this) and spin being spewed by the politicians and their “presstitutes,” threats to our health and wealth still exist in America in the summer of 2013. The U.S. economic recovery? Artificial- our economic woes simply papered over and our “financial reckoning day” kicked down the road a bit. Crime and violence down as Big Brother takes over the reigns of our personal safety? While things may seem hunky-dory in your neck of the woods, the devil is in the details, and the personal safety “threat board” becomes more clear once crime data collection/reporting is analyzed along with media reporting. As Chicagoans are hopefully starting to realize, the local press might not be reporting crimes that are taking place and which their audience probably want to know about. For example, Chicago saw some serious wilding take place downtown on July 4, and the local mainstream media either didn’t report it or did so a couple of days later once tourists had departed town after the long holiday weekend. What if the criminal activity had continued the next day, or the rest of the weekend? A lot of good that would have done their audience, some of whom might have planned a trip downtown on July 5, 6, or 7. Thank God for Second City Cop and other blogs like that one.

Anyway, despite the Pollyanna-ish attitude that has returned to much of America today, my “Spidey sense” tells me we’re not out of the woods just yet. If anything, I believe we’re still on a collision course with that proverbial brick wall I’ve blogged about from time to time (even earlier today).

And at this point in time, in America in the summer of 2013, I’m not so sure much can be done to avert a crash anymore. Depressing, but such is life occasionally.

In the meantime, I intend to take advantage of the supposed “recovery” the Pollyannas are going on about any way I can. Who knows? Perhaps I can find some battery-powered lanterns and fans at some good prices.

Christopher E. Hill


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Illinois Prepares For Summer Mob Attacks

Just in time for the flash mob/mob attack/wilding season in Chicago. Monique Garcia reported on the Chicago Tribune website this morning:

People who use social media and other means of electronic communication to organize mob attacks could face tougher penalties under legislation House lawmakers sent to Gov. Pat Quinn on Friday…

Under the measure, which was approved 102-6, a judge would have the discretion to impose a more severe sentence on anyone who used social media, text messaging or email to orchestrate a mob attack.

According to the website of Chicago AM radio station 89 WLS yesterday:

During debate, Chicago democrat Monique Davis said this goes too far.

“Sometimes something occurs that creates what people see as mob action when it’s really just a bunch of young people with nothing to do! They can’t afford to go to the park because it costs money for a five or six week program. They can’t go free like I used to do!”

Try selling that that to the residents and tourists who’ve been assaulted, attacked, and injured, and downtown retailers who’ve had their wares shoplifted en masse, by these “young people with nothing to do.”

I suspect that when these residents, tourists, and businesses call in a flash mob/mob attack/wilding to the Chicago Police Department, it’s the real deal. If not, then I challenge Representative Davis and/or her staff to share those “sometimes something occurs” instances with Survival And Prosperity readers, at which time I’ll happily amend this post.

In the meantime, as summer rapidly approaches, residents and tourists would be wise to exercise situational awareness and be prepared to avoid or defend themselves as necessary when in downtown Chicago in the event such criminal activity occurs.

By Christopher E. Hill, Editor
Survival And Prosperity (www.survivalandprosperity.com)


Garcia, Monique. “Flash mob attack bill before Illinois governor.” Chicago Tribune. 11 May 2013. (http://www.chicagotribune.com/news/local/ct-met-flash-mob-crackdown-20130511,0,5034826.story). 11 May 2013.

“Illinois House approves crack down on violent flash mobs.” 89 WLS. 10 May 2013. (http://www.wlsam.com/common/page.php?pt=Illinois+House+approves+crack+down+on+violent+flash+mobs&id=37413&is_corp=0). 11 May 2013.


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Saturday, May 11th, 2013 Business, Communications, Crime, Government, Legal, Public Safety, Self-Defense, Tourism Comments Off on Illinois Prepares For Summer Mob Attacks

Chicago Still Plagued By Wilding

Not only is wilding still taking place in Chicago (around popular visitor destinations, no less), but it’s going on earlier in the day than previously reported. From William Lee on the Chicago Tribune website yesterday morning:

Cops: 2 dozen young people arrested in Near North disturbances

Two dozen young people were arrested after causing disturbances near and on the Magnificent Mile Saturday afternoon, Chicago police said this morning…

No injuries were reported though scores of police officers criss-crossed the city’s Near North Side, including on the Gold Coast, responding to numerous calls regarding rowdy teens pushing aside pedestrians and darting into traffic along North Michigan Avenue near Chicago Avenue, according to witnesses and police…

When officers assigned to a North Michigan Avenue detail tried to arrest several of them, they darted out in front of moving cars to try to evade arrest on Michigan Avenue.

(Editor’s note: Italics added for emphasis)

Afternoon wilding? It appears our “yutes” are becoming more blatant.

And I had to chuckle when I saw the Chicago Sun-Times web article on the bad behavior. Their headline read:

20 juveniles, 4 adults arrested in Gold Coast ruckus


“Disturbances,” “Ruckus.” Some are probably wondering if the local media outlets have been warned by City Hall about using the term “wilding” to describe such activity. The 1987 film Full Metal Jacket comes to mind here, specifically that part where “Private Joker” is shown meeting with his Stars and Stripes colleagues and CO, “Lieutenant Lockhart:”

LT. LOCKHART: We have a new directive from M.A.F. on this. In the future, in place of “search and destroy,” substitute the phrase “sweep and clear.” Got it?
PVT. JOKER: Got it. Very catchy.

Very catchy indeed. Perhaps the Chicago Police Department could do some “sweeping and clearing” of these little turds before someone really gets hurts (global headlines to surely follow) and the city effectively says “sayonara” to a big part of its economic engine (tourism).

Then again, the CPD would need more manpower to accomplish that now, wouldn’t they?

Oh well. Until the next “ruckus”…


Lee, William. “Cops: 2 dozen young people arrested in Near North disturbances.” Chicago Tribune. 26 Aug. 2012. (http://www.chicagotribune.com/news/local/breaking/chi-cops-20-youth-arrested-for-gold-coast-disturbances-20120826,0,4450932.story). 27 Aug. 2012.

“20 juveniles, 4 adults arrested in Gold Coast ruckus.” Chicago Sun-Times. 26 Aug. 2012. (http://www.suntimes.com/14738272-761/20-juveniles-4-adults-arrested-in-gold-coast-ruckus.html). 27 Aug. 2012.


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Monday, August 27th, 2012 Crime, Mainstream Media, Public Safety, Tourism 2 Comments

Weekend Wilding, Flash Mob, Mob Action In Chicago

Call it what you will- wilding, flash mob, or mob action, as the City of Chicago and local media are referring to this type of criminal activity these days- but the disturbing thing is, it’s still going on in downtown Chicago. From the WGN News website this morning:

A 15-year-old boy is arrested and charged with felony mob action for an incident along the Magnificent Mile over the weekend.

It happened Saturday night around 8:30 p.m. on the 800 block of North Michigan Ave.

A Chicago Police officer spotted a group of at least 20 people jumping up and down in front of Water Tower Place.

As he went in to investigate, he saw they were beating a man lying on the ground.

The officer arrested the 15-year-old as the others ran away…

The teenager’s name is not being released because he is a minor.

Maybe it’s time the law prohibiting the release of the name of a minor convicted in a crime be changed? I’m thinking serious crimes at least, like “felony mob action.” And perhaps accompanying this information should be a home address to hopefully motivate their guardian(s) into doing a better job of raising the crime kid. Last I checked, similar information for convicted adults were being provided to a number of local papers in the Chicago suburbs and the southeastern Wisconsin town I frequent.

Otherwise, if minimal punishment is being dished out to these punks, downtown Chicago will be full of modern-day Fagins and Artful Dodgers soon enough.

And I doubt the only heinous act they’ll be committing is a a bad song and dance routine, like in the musical (just kidding- I actually like Oliver!).

Cruel to be kind, baby. Cruel to be kind…

Nick Lowe
“Cruel To Be Kind” (1979)
YouTube Video


“Teen charged with mob action on Mag Mile.” WGN News. 8 Aug. 2011. (http://www.wgntv.com/news/wgntv-teen-charged-mob-on-mag-mile-aug8,0,4932756.story). 8 Aug. 2011.


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Monday, August 8th, 2011 Crime, Public Safety Comments Off on Weekend Wilding, Flash Mob, Mob Action In Chicago

Chicago Juvenile Arrest Study Tempers Flash Mob, Wilding Headlines

A recently-released study of juvenile arrests in Chicago has been commanding attention in light of the wilding and flash mob events the city’s been experiencing. According to ARRESTING JUSTICE: A Report About Juvenile Arrests in Chicago 2009 & 2010, by First Defense Legal Aid (Caitlin Patterson) and Project NIA (Mariame Kaba), there were over 27,000 arrests of youths aged 17 and under in the city of Chicago last year. From the report:

Chicago’s Police Department is the second largest in the United States, employing 14,973 members and serving 2.9 million residents. Chicago has 25 police districts that cover 77 community areas. According to the Chicago Police Department, there were 27,563 arrests of youth 17 and under in 2010 in the city of Chicago (some youth may be arrested more than once).

27,563 arrests?

I was really taken back when I first heard this number on the local evening news. However, the shock lessened when I took a closer look at the data. The study noted:

There were an estimated 432,991 youth 17 and under living in Chicago in 2009.

27,563 arrests from a pool of 432,991 youths aged 17 and under.

Still disappointed, but not as blown-away anymore.

In addition, the number of arrests consisting of this age group declined from the prior year, when the Chicago Police Department made 31,224 arrests of youths aged 17 and under in 2009.

Finally from 2003 to 2009, the total number of juvenile (16 and under) arrests in Chicago declined by 25.7%.

(Editor’s note: Not sure why the study’s authors used 16 and under, rather than 17 and under, in this last computation)

The First Defense Legal Aid and Project NIA concluded:

Despite sensational media reports, however, youth are the minority of people who get arrested. The Chicago Police Department made 181,669 arrests in 2009 – approximately 17% were of people seventeen and younger (31,224). This statistic should shatter the prevalent characterization of youth as “flash mobs” or as automatically “suspect.” In forming opinions about Chicago’s young people, we should never forget that adults are the ones primarily implicated in the criminal legal system.

While Chicagoans and visitors to the “City By The Lake” shouldn’t discount the threat of wilding and, to a lesser degree, flash mobs, to their personal safety, the report confirms my own observations that it’s just a small segment of the local teen population who are the real troublemakers. Even with my growing suspicion that the statistics don’t accurately portray criminal activity in the city.

Yes, the kids are still alright. At least for now.

You can read the entire study on juvenile arrests in Chicago here.


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Monday, June 27th, 2011 Crime, Main Street, Public Safety Comments Off on Chicago Juvenile Arrest Study Tempers Flash Mob, Wilding Headlines

Chicago’s Flash Mob And Wilding Problems Draw More Attention

The growing problems with “flash mobs” and “wilding” in Chicago’s downtown area is gaining more exposure these days. For those of you unfamiliar with the terms, from the UrbanDictionary.com:

Flash mob- A group of people who are organized via various mass communications to come together at a specified place and time, perform some (typically whimsical) action, then disperse.

Wilding- a slang term that refers to the practice of marauding in bands to terrorize strangers and to swagger and bully.

Way back on January 24 I wrote the following:

The other week I was watching Turner Classic Movies with my girlfriend when a Depression-era movie came on. At one point in the show, a mob of street kids took advantage of a distracted grocer to steal a good number of item off his shelves. Apparently, life may be imitating art these days in the American “recovery.” From the local CBS news affiliate in Chicago, Channel 2, on January 20:

Eleven teenagers have been arrested after they allegedly shoplifted merchandise from three stores on North Michigan Avenue on Wednesday.

Five girls – between the ages of 14 and 16 – and six boys – between 15 and 17 – were arrested at about 6:30 p.m. Wednesday near 10 E. Pearson St., police said. All 11 were charged as juveniles with retail theft.

Police said the group shoplifted at three stores along Michigan Avenue’s Magnificent Mile on Wednesday.

Employees at The North Face, 875 N. Michigan Av.; AX Armani Exchange, 520 N. Michigan Av., and Filene’s Basement, 830 N. Michigan Av., identified the teens as a large group of people who took several items off of store shelves, then ran out without paying.

In all, they stole more than $5,000 worth of merchandise, police said.

On May 4, I discussed the Windy City’s problem with flash mobs and wilding again:

Planning on visiting downtown Chicago anytime soon? Fun place, lots to do, generally safe, but be sure to watch your back, as it sounds like budding criminals have ganged up and are increasingly having their way with the place- and people. From the unofficial Chicago Police Department blog Second City Cop early yesterday morning:

How long is the media going to ignore this?

• 018 was waaaaaay out of control tonight, flash mobs and wilding all over the gold coast; from rush st to water tower wild packs of 50-60 deep would bum rush stores, steal, and flee. Also a couple strong arms thrown in for good measure, as well as a group of almost 100 on the lake front knocking people off of bikes, and beating people at random.

• I wonder how much longer they will be able to keep the downtown wildings quiet?

• It’s zero hour baby — our tactical heros were out on michigan ave. last night with wagons and plain clothes putting the fear of Phlaeger into the south side yutes — so the sweet children just moved over to ontario and clark.

Today, I found the following on the Chicago Sun-Times website (hat tip Second City Cop blog). Fran Spielman wrote yesterday:

Acting Police Supt. Garry McCarthy said Tuesday he may follow Philadelphia’s lead when it comes to the text-messaging, shoplifting “flash mobs” now terrorizing the Michigan Avenue shopping district

They get their marching orders and lists of items to steal via text message, swoop into stores on Chicago’s Magnificent Mile in groups, then grab as much loot as they can before scattering to the winds.

(Editor’s note: Italics added for emphasis)

“now terrorizing the Michigan Avenue shopping district.”

I don’t know about you, but the evidence seems to show that the “terrorizing” has been going on for quite some time now.

And, as I warned earlier this month, if City Hall “loses” downtown to the “sweet children” turning the area into their violent playground, the game is up (goodbye shoppers, tourists, revenue). Mayor Daley understood this (which might help explain what some have alleged was an intentional media blackout of these events)- and here’s hoping Mayor Emanuel gets it as well.


Spielman, Fran. “Top cop Garry McCarthy has plan to go after Michigan Ave. ‘flash mob’ rings.” Chicago Sun-Times. 25 May 2011. (http://www.suntimes.com/news/5570104-418/top-cop-garry-mccarthy-has-plan-to-go-after-michigan-ave.-flash-mob-rings) 26 May 2011.


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  • Next Degussa Numis Day To Take Place May 4, 5
    Degussa, a leading international player in the precious metals world which also offers safe deposit boxes (for customers) at branches in Germany, Singapore, Spain, and Switzerland, has just posted information about their next Numis Day (first blogged about here) at their Geneva and Zurich showrooms. From their website: The Next Numis Day We appreciate and […]